Canada History MCQs

Canadian Postal Service MCQs with Answer

What is the official name of the Canadian Postal Service?
a) Canada Mail
b) Canadian Postal Corporation
c) Canada Post
d) Canadian Mail Services
Answer: c) Canada Post

In which year was Canada Post Corporation established?
a) 1957
b) 1867
c) 1932
d) 1967
Answer: a) 1957

The first postage stamp of Canada was issued in which year?
a) 1840
b) 1867
c) 1896
d) 1917
Answer: b) 1867

Which Canadian animal is prominently featured on the postage stamps known as “Wildlife Definitives”?
a) Beaver
b) Moose
c) Polar bear
d) Bald eagle
Answer: a) Beaver

What is the term for a service provided by Canada Post that allows customers to receive their mail at a specific post office instead of their home address?
a) Mail Forwarding
b) Parcel Pickup
c) Poste Restante
d) General Delivery
Answer: d) General Delivery

Which Canadian province is home to the Royal Roads Postal Outlet, which has a reputation for being one of the oldest functioning post offices?
a) Quebec
b) Nova Scotia
c) Prince Edward Island
d) British Columbia
Answer: d) British Columbia

What is the postal code format used in Canada?
a) AAA 000
b) A0A 0A0
c) 12345
d) ABC 123
Answer: b) A0A 0A0

What initiative was launched by Canada Post to support the writing and sending of letters to Santa Claus?
a) Santa Express
b) North Pole Mail
c) Operation Santa
d) Write to Santa
Answer: a) Santa Express

Canada Post’s online postal service allows customers to create and print their own postage. What is this service called?
a) Self-Post
b) PrintMyStamp
c) E-Stamp
d) Snap Postage
Answer: c) E-Stamp

The annual Christmas stamp program introduced by Canada Post often features what theme?
a) Canadian landscapes
b) Indigenous art
c) Canadian wildlife
d) Festive holiday scenes
Answer: d) Festive holiday scenes

Which service provided by Canada Post allows customers to receive packages from online retailers and pick them up at a nearby post office?
a) Mail Forwarding
b) Parcel Pickup
c) FlexDelivery
d) Priority Pickup
Answer: c) FlexDelivery

What is the name of the long-distance mail delivery train operated by Canada Post that serves remote communities in northern Canada?
a) Polar Mail
b) Arctic Express
c) Northbound Mail
d) Snow Train
Answer: d) Snow Train

In which year did Canada Post introduce postal codes to streamline mail sorting and delivery?
a) 1957
b) 1963
c) 1971
d) 1985
Answer: c) 1971

What is the term for the plastic-coated card that replaces traditional paper mail forwarding forms and displays the new address to postal carriers?
a) Mailing Slip
b) Forwarding Card
c) Address Label
d) Change of Address Notification
Answer: b) Forwarding Card

Canada Post issues commemorative stamps to honor significant events, individuals, and themes. What are these stamps commonly referred to as?
a) Special Stamps
b) Event Stamps
c) Celebratory Stamps
d) Commemoratives
Answer: d) Commemoratives

Which service offered by Canada Post provides individuals and businesses with a virtual mailbox for managing and viewing their mail online?
a) Digital Mailbox
b) E-Post
c) MailScan
d) MailHub
Answer: b) E-Post

Canada Post’s Priority Worldwide service offers international shipping with guaranteed delivery. Which symbol is associated with this service?
a) Maple leaf
b) Polar bear
c) Speedpost logo
d) Flying eagle
Answer: a) Maple leaf

What was the first name of the inventor who introduced the postal code system in Canada?
a) Edward
b) Lawrence
c) Morris
d) Robert
Answer: b) Lawrence

Which Canada Post program encourages children to write letters to Santa Claus and receive a response from the North Pole?
a) Santa’s Mailbag
b) Letters to Santa
c) Santa’s Workshop
d) North Pole Express
Answer: b) Letters to Santa

The Canadian Postal Museum, operated by Canada Post, showcases the history of postal services in Canada. In which city is the museum located?
a) Ottawa
b) Toronto
c) Montreal
d) Vancouver
Answer: a) Ottawa

Canada Post introduced a service that allows customers to receive packages from online retailers through secure lockers. What is this service called?
a) Parcel Locker
b) SecureBox
c) Lock and Mail
d) Package Safe
Answer: a) Parcel Locker

What is the name of Canada Post’s initiative that allows customers to personalize their stamps with their own photos or images?
a) MyStamps
b) Custom Postage
c) Personalized Stamps
d) PhotoPost
Answer: a) MyStamps

In the late 19th century, what animal was depicted on Canada’s first commemorative stamp?
a) Bison
b) Horse
c) Eagle
d) Beaver
Answer: a) Bison

Canada Post’s “Black History Month” stamp series highlights significant contributions of Black Canadians. Which month is designated as Black History Month in Canada?
a) February
b) March
c) October
d) May
Answer: a) February

Canada Post introduced the “Picture Postage” program, allowing customers to create stamps using their own photographs. What is the technical term for these stamps?
a) Photostamps
b) Personal Stamps
c) Customized Postage
d) PhotoPostage
Answer: d) PhotoPostage

What is the name of the iconic horse-drawn wagon used by Canada Post for mail delivery in rural and remote areas?
a) Mail Express
b) Postman’s Cart
c) Mail Coach
d) Red Mailbox
Answer: c) Mail Coach

Canada Post issued a stamp in 1969 to celebrate a Canadian achievement in space. What was the name of the spacecraft associated with this achievement?
a) Voyager
b) Apollo
c) Skylab
d) Alouette
Answer: d) Alouette

Which program initiated by Canada Post encourages Canadians to send holiday greetings to deployed Canadian Armed Forces members?
a) Operation Santa
b) Holiday Mail for Heroes
c) Forces Festive Mail
d) Military Mail Express
Answer: b) Holiday Mail for Heroes

In 1988, Canada Post issued a stamp featuring an iconic photograph of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky. What was the occasion for this stamp?
a) Gretzky’s retirement
b) Gretzky’s 1,000th goal
c) Canada’s Olympic victory
d) Gretzky’s Hall of Fame induction
Answer: b) Gretzky’s 1,000th goal

Which Canadian artist designed a series of stamps featuring illustrations of Canadian animals and their natural habitats?
a) Emily Carr
b) Norval Morrisseau
c) Robert Bateman
d) Jean-Paul Riopelle
Answer: c) Robert Bateman

The “Millennium Collection” is a series of Canadian stamps that celebrates the turn of the 21st century. What distinctive feature do these stamps have?
a) Circular shape
b) Triangular shape
c) Holographic images
d) Transparent windows
Answer: b) Triangular shape

Canada Post’s “Canadian Recording Artists” stamp series highlights influential musicians. Which famous Canadian singer-songwriter was featured on one of these stamps?
a) Alanis Morissette
b) Leonard Cohen
c) Celine Dion
d) Drake
Answer: b) Leonard Cohen

What is the term for the specialized postmark used to cancel stamps and prevent their reuse?
a) Cancellation mark
b) Postage mark
c) Security mark
d) Embossing mark
Answer: a) Cancellation mark

Canada Post’s “Haunted Canada” stamp series features supernatural stories and legends. Which province is known for its association with the ghost ship called the “Bay Chaleur Phantom Ship”?
a) Nova Scotia
b) Newfoundland and Labrador
c) New Brunswick
d) Prince Edward Island
Answer: c) New Brunswick

In the early years of the postal service in Canada, what method was used to indicate postage payment on letters before the introduction of postage stamps?
a) Wax seal
b) Handwritten note
c) Ink stamp
d) Pencil mark
Answer: a) Wax seal

Canada Post’s “From Far and Wide” stamp series showcases notable Canadian landscapes. Which iconic rocky landmark is featured on one of these stamps?
a) Gros Morne National Park
b) Athabasca Glacier
c) Peggy’s Cove
d) Hopewell Rocks
Answer: c) Peggy’s Cove

In which decade did Canada Post first introduce self-adhesive stamps as an alternative to traditional water-activated stamps?
a) 1950s
b) 1970s
c) 1990s
d) 2010s
Answer: b) 1970s

What is the name of the service offered by Canada Post that allows customers to receive mail and packages while traveling within Canada?
a) Vacation Hold
b) Travel Mail
c) Poste Restante
d) Mobile Delivery
Answer: a) Vacation Hold

Which Canadian city is known for its historic and iconic Central Post Office building, designed in the beaux-arts architectural style?
a) Vancouver
b) Montreal
c) Ottawa
d) Toronto
Answer: b) Montreal

The “Lunar New Year” stamp series by Canada Post celebrates the Chinese zodiac. Which animal is associated with the Year of the Rat?
a) Dragon
b) Tiger
c) Rat
d) Rooster
Answer: c) Rat

In 1992, Canada Post issued a stamp commemorating the 40th anniversary of a groundbreaking medical achievement. What was the subject of this stamp?
a) First successful heart transplant
b) Discovery of insulin
c) Polio vaccine development
d) First human organ transplant
Answer: b) Discovery of insulin

What is the name of Canada Post’s program that allows individuals to ship parcels internationally at reduced rates to select countries for educational purposes?
a) Student Shipping
b) Global Mail
c) International Educator
d) Mailing Scholarships
Answer: b) Global Mail

In the early years of Canada’s postal service, what was used as a mode of mail transportation between remote communities?
a) Canoe
b) Horseback
c) Dog sled
d) Stagecoach
Answer: c) Dog sled

Which famous Canadian author was honored with a stamp that celebrated the 100th anniversary of his birth?
a) L.M. Montgomery
b) Margaret Atwood
c) Michael Ondaatje
d) Mordecai Richler
Answer: a) L.M. Montgomery

Canada Post has issued stamps featuring various modes of transportation. Which type of vehicle is depicted on the “Canadian Automotive Legends” stamp series?
a) Trains
b) Bicycles
c) Horse-drawn carriages
d) Classic cars
Answer: d) Classic cars

What is the name of Canada Post’s initiative that provides free postage for the blind and visually impaired to send and receive mail?
a) SightMail
b) BraillePost
c) VisionMail
d) Library Mail
Answer: c) VisionMail

In 1982, Canada Post introduced a series of stamps highlighting the achievements of Canadian women. Who was the first woman to be featured in this series?
a) Nellie McClung
b) Emily Carr
c) Agnes Macphail
d) Laura Secord
Answer: a) Nellie McClung

What is the term for the special program initiated by Canada Post that allows individuals and organizations to create personalized envelopes for weddings, special events, and more?
a) Personalized Mail
b) Special Occasion Mail
c) Picture Envelopes
d) Picture Postage
Answer: d) Picture Postage

Canada Post issued a stamp series named “From Far and Wide” featuring various Canadian tourist attractions. Which iconic natural landmark is part of this series?
a) CN Tower
b) Niagara Falls
c) Royal Ontario Museum
d) Parliament Hill
Answer: b) Niagara Falls

What is the name of the program by Canada Post that offers free mailing of letters to and from Canadian military personnel stationed overseas?
a) Soldier Mail
b) Forces Express
c) Military Post
d) Operation Mail Call
Answer: d) Operation Mail Call

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