Canada Geography MCQs with Answer

Canada Geography MCQs
Canadian Provinces
Canadian Territories
Canadian Capitals
Canadian Landforms
Canadian Rivers
Canadian Lakes
Canadian Mountains
Canadian Coasts
Canadian Islands
Canadian Climate Zones
Canadian Forests
Canadian Tundra
Canadian Prairies
Canadian St. Lawrence River
Canadian Rocky Mountains
Canadian Appalachian Mountains
Canadian Coastal Mountains
Canadian Arctic Archipelago
Canadian Interior Plains
Canadian Arctic Lowlands
Canadian Hudson Bay
Canadian Gulf of St. Lawrence
Canadian Pacific Ocean
Canadian Atlantic Ocean
Canadian Boreal Forest
Canadian Grasslands
Canadian Arctic Circle
Canadian Niagara Falls
Canadian Bay of Fundy
Canadian Victoria Island
Canadian Ellesmere Island
Canadian Baffin Island
Canadian Vancouver Island
Canadian Newfoundland Island
Canadian Cape Breton Island
Canadian Great Bear Lake
Canadian Great Slave Lake
Canadian Lake Winnipeg
Canadian Lake Athabasca
Canadian Lake Superior
Canadian Lake Huron
Canadian Lake Ontario
Canadian Lake Erie
Canadian Lake Michigan
Canadian Lake Nipigon
Canadian Lake Simcoe
Canadian Lake Champlain
Canadian Bay of Islands
Canadian Bay of Quinte
Canadian Gulf Islands
Canadian Haida Gwaii
Canadian Cabot Strait
Canadian Strait of Belle Isle
Canadian Bay of Chaleur
Canadian Bay of Campeche
Canadian Hudson Strait
Canadian Ungava Bay
Canadian James Bay
Canadian Georgian Bay
Canadian Labrador Sea
Canadian Strait of Juan de Fuca
Canadian Davis Strait
Canadian Strait of Canso
Canadian Northumberland Strait
Canadian Gulf of Georgia
Canadian Gulf of Maine
Canadian Gulf of California
Canadian Gulf of Alaska
Canadian Gulf of Carpentaria
Canadian Queen Charlotte Strait
Canadian Strait of Georgia
Canadian Strait of Magellan
Canadian North Atlantic Ocean
Canadian Labrador Peninsula
Canadian Nova Scotia Peninsula
Canadian Gaspé Peninsula
Canadian Bruce Peninsula
Canadian Niagara Peninsula
Canadian Avalon Peninsula
Canadian Kitsap Peninsula
Canadian Olympic Peninsula
Canadian Delmarva Peninsula
Canadian Upper Peninsula
Canadian Alaska Panhandle
Canadian Boothia Peninsula
Canadian Melville Peninsula
Canadian Ungava Peninsula
Canadian Keweenaw Peninsula
Canadian Florida Peninsula
Canadian Yucatán Peninsula
Canadian Great Northern Peninsula
Canadian Fogo Island
Canadian Manitoulin Island
Canadian Salt Spring Island
Canadian Whidbey Island
Canadian Vancouver Island Archipelago
Canadian Thousand Islands
Canadian San Juan Islands
Canadian Cordillera
Canadian Interior Plateau
Canadian Columbia Icefield
Canadian Fraser River
Canadian Mackenzie River
Canadian Ottawa River
Canadian Saskatchewan River
Canadian Yukon River
Canadian Great Bear Rainforest
Canadian Nahanni National Park
Canadian Torngat Mountains
Canadian Rockies National Parks
Canadian Gros Morne National Park
Canadian Point Pelee National Park
Canadian Kluane National Park
Canadian Waterton Lakes National Park
Canadian Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Canadian Gulf Islands National Park
Canadian Fundy National Park
Canadian Riding Mountain National Park
Canadian Wapusk National Park
Canadian Grasslands National Park
Canadian Mont Tremblant
Canadian Mount Logan
Canadian Mount Edith Cavell
Canadian Mount Assiniboine
Canadian Mount Columbia
Canadian Mount St. Elias
Canadian Mount Rundle
Canadian Mount Athabasca
Canadian Mount Robson Provincial Park
Canadian Mount Niblock
Canadian Mount Louis
Canadian Mount Fable
Canadian Mount Lefroy
Canadian Mount Burgess
Canadian Mount Chephren
Canadian Mount Redoubt
Canadian Mount Elbert
Canadian Mount Dickey
Canadian Mount Monashee
Canadian Mount San Jacinto
Canadian Mount Victoria
Canadian Mount Hector
Canadian Mount King George
Canadian Mount Olympus
Canadian Mount Andromeda
Canadian Mount Salisbury
Canadian Mount Garibaldi Provincial Park
Canadian Mount St. Helens
Canadian Mount Fairweather
Canadian Mount Steele
Canadian Mount Sir Donald
Canadian Mount Slesse
Canadian Mount Fee
Canadian Mount Septimus
Canadian Mount Russell
Canadian Mount Sir Wilfrid Laurier
Canadian Mount Sir Sandford
Canadian Mount Sir James MacBrien
Canadian Mount Joffre
Canadian Mount Ishbel
Canadian Mount Field
Canadian Mount Elsay
Canadian Mount Duffey
Canadian Mount Collie
Canadian Mount Cline
Canadian Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park
Canadian Mount Meager
Canadian Mount Lillooet
Canadian Mount Cayley
Canadian Mount Cheam
Canadian Mount Cairnes
Canadian Mount Baker
Canadian Mount Arrowsmith
Canadian Mount Albert Edward
Canadian Mount Seymour
Canadian Mount Ratz
Canadian Mount Prestrud
Canadian Mount Price
Canadian Mount MacDonald
Canadian Mount Jutland
Canadian Mount Chief Pascal
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