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Canadian Mount Cayley MCQs With Answer

What is the elevation of Mount Cayley?
a) 2,000 meters
b) 3,000 meters
c) 4,000 meters
d) 5,000 meters
Answer: [b) 3,000 meters]

In which Canadian province is Mount Cayley located?
a) British Columbia
b) Alberta
c) Ontario
d) Quebec
Answer: [a) British Columbia]

Mount Cayley is part of which mountain range?
a) Rocky Mountains
b) Coast Mountains
c) Appalachian Mountains
d) Sierra Nevada
Answer: [b) Coast Mountains]

What is the main geological feature of Mount Cayley?
a) Volcano
b) Glacier
c) Canyon
d) Waterfall
Answer: [a) Volcano]

Mount Cayley is known for its challenging hiking trails. What is the longest trail on the mountain?
a) Summit Trail
b) Glacier Trail
c) Volcano Trail
d) Alpine Loop Trail
Answer: [a) Summit Trail]

Which indigenous group has a significant historical connection to Mount Cayley?
a) Inuit
b) Haida
c) Coast Salish
d) Blackfoot
Answer: [c) Coast Salish]

Mount Cayley is named after a Canadian explorer. What was his full name?
a) John Cayley
b) George Cayley
c) Arthur Cayley
d) William Cayley
Answer: [a) John Cayley]

In which year was Mount Cayley officially named?
a) 1890
b) 1925
c) 1950
d) 1980
Answer: [b) 1925]

What is the dominant flora found on Mount Cayley?
a) Pine trees
b) Oak trees
c) Cedar trees
d) Maple trees
Answer: [c) Cedar trees]

Mount Cayley is part of which national park?
a) Yoho National Park
b) Kootenay National Park
c) Pacific Rim National Park
d) Garibaldi Provincial Park
Answer: [d) Garibaldi Provincial Park]

What is the closest town or city to Mount Cayley?
a) Vancouver
b) Whistler
c) Victoria
d) Kelowna
Answer: [b) Whistler]

Which Canadian explorer is known for the first recorded ascent of Mount Cayley?
a) David Thompson
b) Alexander Mackenzie
c) Samuel de Champlain
d) Simon Fraser
Answer: [a) David Thompson]

Mount Cayley is a popular destination for what type of photography?
a) Wildlife photography
b) Astrophotography
c) Street photography
d) Fashion photography
Answer: [b) Astrophotography]

Which glacial lake is near Mount Cayley and is a popular spot for kayaking?
a) Lake Louise
b) Green Lake
c) Moraine Lake
d) Garibaldi Lake
Answer: [b) Green Lake]

Mount Cayley is part of which larger wilderness area in British Columbia?
a) Pacific Ranges
b) Selkirk Mountains
c) Columbia Mountains
d) Cariboo Mountains
Answer: [a) Pacific Ranges]

Mount Cayley is known for its diverse bird population. Which bird of prey is commonly seen in the area?
a) Bald eagle
b) Peregrine falcon
c) Osprey
d) Great horned owl
Answer: [a) Bald eagle]

What is the main rock type on Mount Cayley?
a) Granite
b) Basalt
c) Limestone
d) Sandstone
Answer: [a) Granite]

How many glaciers are on Mount Cayley?
a) Two
b) Four
c) Six
d) Eight
Answer: [b) Four]

Mount Cayley is a popular location for what extreme sport?
a) Paragliding
b) Rock climbing
c) Whitewater rafting
d) Snowmobiling
Answer: [b) Rock climbing]

Which national highway provides access to Mount Cayley?
a) Trans-Canada Highway
b) Sea-to-Sky Highway
c) Icefields Parkway
d) Alaska Highway
Answer: [b) Sea-to-Sky Highway]

Mount Cayley is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. What does this designation signify?
a) It is a protected area for migratory birds.
b) It has significant cultural and historical importance.
c) It is recognized for its unique geological features.
d) It is a location for space research and exploration.
Answer: [c) It is recognized for its unique geological features.]

Mount Cayley is part of which provincial park in British Columbia?
a) Garibaldi Provincial Park
b) Strathcona Provincial Park
c) Mount Seymour Provincial Park
d) Bowron Lake Provincial Park
Answer: [a) Garibaldi Provincial Park]

Mount Cayley is often referred to as a stratovolcano. What is a stratovolcano?
a) A type of shield volcano
b) A type of composite volcano
c) A type of cinder cone volcano
d) A type of volcanic plateau
Answer: [b) A type of composite volcano]

Mount Cayley is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. What does this term refer to?
a) A circular chain of active volcanoes and tectonic plate movements.
b) A protected marine area surrounding Mount Cayley.
c) A network of hiking trails around Mount Cayley.
d) A volcanic research organization based in British Columbia.
Answer: [a) A circular chain of active volcanoes and tectonic plate movements.]

Mount Cayley is a habitat for which endangered species of wildlife?
a) Mountain caribou
b) Pacific salmon
c) Vancouver Island marmot
d) Monarch butterfly
Answer: [a) Mountain caribou]

Mount Cayley is known for its stunning vistas of which body of water?
a) Pacific Ocean
b) Great Bear Lake
c) Hudson Bay
d) Lake Superior
Answer: [a) Pacific Ocean]

Mount Cayley is characterized by which type of climate?
a) Mediterranean
b) Alpine
c) Desert
d) Tropical
Answer: [b) Alpine]

What is the significance of the 2010 Winter Olympics regarding Mount Cayley?
a) Mount Cayley was the site of the opening ceremony.
b) The Olympic flame was lit on Mount Cayley.
c) Mount Cayley was part of the torch relay route.
d) Mount Cayley hosted the snowboarding events.
Answer: [c) Mount Cayley was part of the torch relay route.]

Mount Cayley is known for its vibrant alpine flora. What is a common flower found in the area?
a) Indian paintbrush
b) Orchid
c) Daisy
d) Lavender
Answer: [a) Indian paintbrush]

Mount Cayley is a popular destination for which winter sport?
a) Snowboarding
b) Ice skating
c) Ice climbing
d) Ice fishing
Answer: [c) Ice climbing]

Which river is sourced from the glaciers of Mount Cayley?
a) Squamish River
b) Fraser River
c) Columbia River
d) Yukon River
Answer: [a) Squamish River]

Mount Cayley is part of a larger volcanic complex. What is the name of this complex?
a) Pacific Ring Complex
b) Garibaldi Volcanic Belt
c) Coast Range Volcanic Arc
d) Ring of Fire Complex
Answer: [b) Garibaldi Volcanic Belt]

Mount Cayley is known for its scenic helicopter tours. Which option below is a common route for these tours?
a) Mount Cayley to Mount Waddington
b) Mount Cayley to Mount Logan
c) Mount Cayley to Mount Robson
d) Mount Cayley to Mount Kilimanjaro
Answer: [a) Mount Cayley to Mount Waddington]

Mount Cayley is often associated with the legend of a mythical creature. What is the creature’s name?
a) Sasquatch
b) Thunderbird
c) Ogopogo
d) Wendigo
Answer: [b) Thunderbird]

What is the meaning behind the name “Cayley” in Mount Cayley?
a) The High Peak
b) The Volcanic Mountain
c) The Glacier Summit
d) The Great Divide
Answer: [a) The High Peak]

Mount Cayley is a designated protected area. What type of protected area is it?
a) Provincial Park
b) National Monument
c) Ecological Reserve
d) Conservation Area
Answer: [a) Provincial Park]

Mount Cayley is a popular destination for what type of water sport?
a) White-water rafting
b) Canoeing
c) Windsurfing
d) Jet skiing
Answer: [b) Canoeing]

Mount Cayley is known for its stunning views of which natural feature?
a) Waterfalls
b) Glacial valleys
c) Icebergs
d) Hot springs
Answer: [b) Glacial valleys]

Mount Cayley is a prime location for what type of scientific research?
a) Seismological studies
b) Botanical studies
c) Meteorological studies
d) Marine biology studies
Answer: [a) Seismological studies]

Mount Cayley is a significant landmark in which Canadian territory?
a) British Columbia
b) Yukon
c) Alberta
d) Northwest Territories
Answer: [a) British Columbia]

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