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Canadian Mount Assiniboine MCQs With Answer

What is the highest peak in the Canadian Mount Assiniboine region?
A) Mount Assiniboine
B) Mount Aylmer
C) Mount Magog
D) Mount Brussilof
Answer: A) Mount Assiniboine

Which national park is Mount Assiniboine located in?
A) Banff National Park
B) Jasper National Park
C) Yoho National Park
D) Kootenay National Park
Answer: A) Banff National Park

What is Mount Assiniboine often referred to as due to its pyramid shape?
A) Pyramid Mountain
B) Matterhorn of the Rockies
C) Mount Pyramid
D) Rocky Peak
Answer: B) Matterhorn of the Rockies

What is the elevation of Mount Assiniboine?
A) 3,618 meters (11,870 feet)
B) 3,200 meters (10,500 feet)
C) 3,295 meters (10,810 feet)
D) 3,450 meters (11,319 feet)
Answer: A) 3,618 meters (11,870 feet)

Which Canadian province is Mount Assiniboine located in?
A) British Columbia
B) Alberta
C) Manitoba
D) Quebec
Answer: A) British Columbia

What is the primary rock type of Mount Assiniboine?
A) Granite
B) Sandstone
C) Limestone
D) Shale
Answer: A) Granite

Which of the following activities is popular around Mount Assiniboine?
A) Skiing
B) Scuba diving
C) Rock climbing
D) Paragliding
Answer: A) Skiing

What is the nickname given to Mount Assiniboine’s distinctive shape?
A) The Sphinx
B) The Tower
C) The Obelisk
D) The Needle
Answer: A) The Sphinx

In which mountain range is Mount Assiniboine located?
A) Canadian Rockies
B) Appalachian Mountains
C) Coast Mountains
D) Selkirk Mountains
Answer: A) Canadian Rockies

Which river is situated near Mount Assiniboine?
A) Columbia River
B) Fraser River
C) Bow River
D) Athabasca River
Answer: C) Bow River

What is the meaning of the name “Assiniboine”?
A) Stone Mountain
B) Red Rock
C) Blackfoot People
D) Stony River
Answer: B) Red Rock

Which of the following is a common wildlife species found around Mount Assiniboine?
A) Grizzly Bear
B) Bengal Tiger
C) African Elephant
D) Polar Bear
Answer: A) Grizzly Bear

What is the approximate distance between Mount Assiniboine and Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America?
A) 1,200 km (746 miles)
B) 2,500 km (1,553 miles)
C) 3,800 km (2,361 miles)
D) 5,000 km (3,107 miles)
Answer: A) 1,200 km (746 miles)

Which First Nations people historically inhabited the region around Mount Assiniboine?
A) Cree
B) Inuit
C) Blackfoot
D) Haida
Answer: C) Blackfoot

What is the glacier on the northern face of Mount Assiniboine called?
A) Wedgwood Glacier
B) Athabasca Glacier
C) Dome Glacier
D) Illecillewaet Glacier
Answer: A) Wedgwood Glacier

What is the best time of the year for climbing Mount Assiniboine?
A) Winter
B) Spring
C) Summer
D) Fall
Answer: C) Summer

Which explorer is credited with the first recorded ascent of Mount Assiniboine in 1901?
A) James Outram
B) Sir Edmund Hillary
C) George Mallory
D) Reinhold Messner
Answer: A) James Outram

How many alpine huts are there for climbers and hikers around Mount Assiniboine?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
Answer: B) 2

What is the official language spoken in the Mount Assiniboine region?
A) English
B) French
C) Cree
D) Inuktitut
Answer: A) English

What is the name of the lake near Mount Assiniboine that offers stunning reflections of the peak?
A) Lake Louise
B) Magog Lake
C) Moraine Lake
D) Emerald Lake
Answer: B) Magog Lake

Which of the following animals is commonly seen in the Mount Assiniboine area?
A) Penguins
B) Moose
C) Koalas
D) Jaguars
Answer: B) Moose

What is the main attraction of the Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park?
A) Waterfalls
B) Glaciers
C) Hot Springs
D) Caves
Answer: B) Glaciers

Which of the following flowers is commonly found in the alpine meadows around Mount Assiniboine?
A) Sunflower
B) Bluebell
C) Rose
D) Tulip
Answer: B) Bluebell

What is the average annual snowfall around Mount Assiniboine?
A) 5 meters (16.4 feet)
B) 10 meters (32.8 feet)
C) 15 meters (49.2 feet)
D) 20 meters (65.6 feet)
Answer: A) 5 meters (16.4 feet)

Which of the following birds is a common sight in the Mount Assiniboine area?
A) Penguins
B) Bald Eagle
C) Parrots
D) Owls
Answer: B) Bald Eagle

What is the primary mode of transportation to reach Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park?
A) Helicopter
B) Boat
C) Train
D) Bus
Answer: A) Helicopter

Which of the following minerals is commonly found in the rocks around Mount Assiniboine?
A) Quartz
B) Gold
C) Diamond
D) Ruby
Answer: A) Quartz

What is the approximate height of Mount Assiniboine above the surrounding terrain?
A) 500 meters (1,640 feet)
B) 1,000 meters (3,280 feet)
C) 1,500 meters (4,920 feet)
D) 2,000 meters (6,560 feet)
Answer: C) 1,500 meters (4,920 feet)

Which of the following lakes is not located near Mount Assiniboine?
A) Lake Magog
B) Lake Og
C) Sunburst Lake
D) Cerulean Lake
Answer: B) Lake Og

Which mountain range lies to the west of Mount Assiniboine?
A) Selkirk Mountains
B) Purcell Mountains
C) Rocky Mountains
D) Coast Mountains
Answer: B) Purcell Mountains

What is the name of the pass located to the south of Mount Assiniboine?
A) Assiniboine Pass
B) Wonder Pass
C) Nub Peak Pass
D) Banff Pass
Answer: A) Assiniboine Pass

Which of the following is a common danger for climbers on Mount Assiniboine?
A) Volcanic eruptions
B) Avalanche
C) Earthquakes
D) Tornadoes
Answer: B) Avalanche

What is the traditional name of Mount Assiniboine in the Stoney language?
A) “Akaiyan Wiyag”
B) “Wakakaypa”
C) “Eisenman Peak”
D) “Sinopah Mountain”
Answer: A) “Akaiyan Wiyag”

Which of the following activities is prohibited in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park?
A) Hiking
B) Fishing
C) Hunting
D) Camping
Answer: C) Hunting

What is the name of the nearby mountain that resembles a sleeping buffalo?
A) Mount Buffalo
B) Mount Bison
C) Mount Dormant
D) Mount Sleepy
Answer: A) Mount Buffalo

Which of the following is a common plant species in the Mount Assiniboine area?
A) Palm trees
B) Pine trees
C) Cacti
D) Larch trees
Answer: D) Larch trees

What is the name of the valley located to the east of Mount Assiniboine?
A) Og Valley
B) Wonder Valley
C) Assiniboine Valley
D) Sunshine Valley
Answer: B) Wonder Valley

Which of the following is a common fish species in the lakes around Mount Assiniboine?
A) Salmon
B) Trout
C) Bass
D) Catfish
Answer: B) Trout

What is the name of the river that drains the eastern slope of Mount Assiniboine?
A) Assiniboine River
B) Kootenay River
C) Bow River
D) Columbia River
Answer: B) Kootenay River

Which of the following mountain peaks is visible from the summit of Mount Assiniboine?
A) Mount Everest
B) Mount Robson
C) Mount Kilimanjaro
D) Mount McKinley
Answer: B) Mount Robson

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