Australian Politics MCQs

Australian Political Literature MCQs with Answer

Who is the author of the political treatise “The Lucky Country”?

A) Tim Winton
B) Donald Horne
C) Peter Carey
D) David Malouf
Answer: B) Donald Horne
Which Australian Prime Minister penned the book “The Principles of Political Economy”?

A) Gough Whitlam
B) Bob Hawke
C) Malcolm Turnbull
D) John Curtin
Answer: B) Bob Hawke
Who authored the book “Battlelines,” which discusses Australian politics and public policy?

A) Tony Abbott
B) Julia Gillard
C) Kevin Rudd
D) Paul Keating
Answer: A) Tony Abbott
“The Dismissal Dossier” is written by:

A) David Marr
B) Paul Kelly
C) Peter Hartcher
D) Jenny Hocking
Answer: D) Jenny Hocking
Which author wrote the novel “Power Without Glory,” reflecting political and social issues in Australia?

A) Marcus Clarke
B) Kylie Tennant
C) Frank Hardy
D) Christina Stead
Answer: C) Frank Hardy
Who wrote the political thriller “The Marmalade Files”?

A) Peter Temple
B) Peter Carey
C) Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann
D) Richard Flanagan
Answer: C) Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann
The book “Speechless: A Year in My Father’s Business” is authored by:

A) Bob Brown
B) Malcolm Fraser
C) Paul Keating
D) Peter Garrett
Answer: B) Malcolm Fraser
Who penned the book “The Whitlam Legacy”?

A) George Megalogenis
B) Annabel Crabb
C) Kerry O’Brien
D) Troy Bramston
Answer: D) Troy Bramston
“My Story” is the autobiography of which Australian politician?

A) Bob Hawke
B) Pauline Hanson
C) John Howard
D) Julia Gillard
Answer: C) John Howard
The book “The Stalking of Julia Gillard” is authored by:

A) David Marr
B) Kerry-Anne Walsh
C) George Megalogenis
D) Paul Kelly
Answer: B) Kerry-Anne Walsh
Who wrote “The March of Patriots: The Struggle for Modern Australia?

A) Paul Keating
B) Bob Hawke
C) David Day
D) Troy Bramston
Answer: D) Troy Bramston
Battlers and Billionaires: The Story of Inequality in Australia” is written by:

A) Tim Soutphommasane
B) Judith Brett
C) Andrew Leigh
D) Clive Hamilton
Answer: C) Andrew Leigh
The book “The Tyranny of Distance: How Distance Shaped Australia’s History” is authored by:

A) Geoffrey Blainey
B) Manning Clark
C) Henry Reynolds
D) Robert Hughes
Answer: A) Geoffrey Blainey
Which Australian Prime Minister wrote the memoir “Lazarus Rising”?

A) Tony Abbott
B) Kevin Rudd
C) Malcolm Turnbull
D) John Howard
Answer: D) John Howard
Who authored the book “A Time for War: Australia as a Military Power?

A) Hugh White
B) Peter Cosgrove
C) Michael Jeffery
D) Kim Beazley
Answer: A) Hugh White
“The Hawke Memoirs” were penned by:

A) Bob Hawke
B) Blanche d’Alpuget
C) Malcolm Fraser
D) Paul Keating
Answer: B) Blanche d’Alpuget
Which Australian politician wrote the book “The Mandarin Code”?

A) Peter Garrett
B) Penny Wong
C) Nick Xenophon
D) Greg Hunt
Answer: C) Nick Xenophon
“Worse Things Happen at Sea: The Welfare of Refugees in the Age of Globalization” is authored by:

A) Tim Costello
B) Tony Kevin
C) David Marr
D) George Megalogenis
Answer: B) Tony Kevin
Who wrote the political memoir “A Bigger Picture”?

A) Scott Morrison
B) Malcolm Turnbull
C) Bill Shorten
D) Kevin Rudd
Answer: B) Malcolm Turnbull
The book “Dog Days: Australia After the Boom” is written by:

A) Annabel Crabb
B) Ross Garnaut
C) George Megalogenis
D) Laura Tingle
Answer: C) George Megalogenis
Which Australian politician authored the book “Politics of Fear”?

A) Peter Dutton
B) Penny Wong
C) Cory Bernardi
D) Lindsay Tanner
Answer: D) Lindsay Tanner
“The Prince: Faith, Abuse, and George Pell” is written by:

A) Louise Milligan
B) Gerard Henderson
C) Richard Flanagan
D) Don Watson
Answer: A) Louise Milligan
Who authored the book “Whatever It Takes: The Inside Story of the 2007 Election”?

A) George Megalogenis
B) Bob Brown
C) Kevin Rudd
D) Graham Richardson
Answer: D) Graham Richardson
The novel “Dead Europe,” blending politics and identity, is written by:

A) Christos Tsiolkas
B) Richard Flanagan
C) Elliot Perlman
D) Alexis Wright
Answer: A) Christos Tsiolkas
Who penned the book “The Fights of My Life” discussing key political battles?

A) Jeff Kennett
B) Bill Shorten
C) Greg Combet
D) Greg Sheridan
Answer: C) Greg Combet
The autobiography “For the True Believers” is written by:

A) Mark Latham
B) Craig Emerson
C) Paul Keating
D) Kim Beazley
Answer: D) Kim Beazley
Which Australian politician authored the book “Exit Right: The Unraveling of John Howard”?

A) Peter Costello
B) Mark Latham
C) Judith Brett
D) Robert Manne
Answer: D) Robert Manne
The Road to Ruin: How Tony Abbott and Peta Credlin Destroyed Their Own Government” is written by:

A) Niki Savva
B) David Marr
C) Barrie Cassidy
D) Paul Kelly
Answer: A) Niki Savva
Who authored the book “The Australian Moment: How We Were Made For These Times”?

A) George Megalogenis
B) Hugh Mackay
C) Laura Tingle
D) Peter FitzSimons
Answer: A) George Megalogenis
“Moral Panic 101: Equality, Acceptance and the Safe Schools Scandal” is written by:

A) Magda Szubanski
B) Benjamin Law
C) David Marr
D) Rosie Waterland
Answer: B) Benjamin Law
The book “Election 2007: The Shift to Limited Preferential Voting” is authored by:

A) Antony Green
B) Malcolm Mackerras
C) Alan Ramsey
D) William Bowe
Answer: A) Antony Green
Who wrote the book “The Liberal Party of Australia: A Documentary History?

A) Nick Economou
B) John Warhurst
C) John Nethercote
D) Ian Hancock
Answer: C) John Nethercote
The autobiography “Heartland: How Rugby League Explains Queensland” is written by:

A) Kevin Rudd
B) Bob Katter
C) Joe Hockey
D) Malcolm Turnbull
Answer: B) Bob Katter
Which Australian Prime Minister wrote the book “The Good Fight: Six years, two prime ministers and staring down the Great Recession”?

A) Kevin Rudd
B) Julia Gillard
C) Malcolm Turnbull
D) Scott Morrison
Answer: A) Kevin Rudd
Who authored the book “Enemies of the State: The Radical Right in America from FDR to Trump”?

A) David Marr
B) George Megalogenis
C) Andrew Wilkie
D) Clive Hamilton
Answer: D) Clive Hamilton
“Mother of All Mistakes: A True Story of Love, Betrayal and the Unmaking of the Family” is written by:

A) Malcolm Fraser
B) Bob Brown
C) Julia Gillard
D) Christine Milne
Answer: C) Julia Gillard
Who authored the book “Shame and the Captives” set against the backdrop of World War II?

A) Richard Flanagan
B) Thomas Keneally
C) Kate Grenville
D) Tim Winton
Answer: B) Thomas Keneally
The autobiography “Whiteley on Trial” is written by:

A) David Marr
B) Guy Rundle
C) Gabrielle Carey
D) John Birmingham
Answer: A) David Marr
Which Australian politician authored the book “On Fairness”?

A) Penny Wong
B) Tanya Plibersek
C) Greg Hunt
D) Christopher Pyne
Answer: D) Christopher Pyne
The book “From Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage: How Australia Got Compulsory Voting” is written by:

A) Judith Brett
B) George Williams
C) Tim Watts
D) Antony Green

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