Canada Culture MCQs

Canadian Fashion MCQs with Answer

Which Canadian fashion designer is known for creating the luxury brand “Canada Goose”?
a) Karl Lagerfeld
b) Greta Constantine
c) Daniella Kronfle
d) Dani Reiss
Answer: d) Dani Reiss

The Hudson’s Bay Company is famous for its iconic striped blankets. What do these stripes represent?
a) Different indigenous tribes
b) Seasons of the year
c) Regions of Canada
d) Trading posts
Answer: c) Regions of Canada

Which Canadian fashion designer is known for her elegant bridal gowns and eveningwear?
a) Mikhael Kale
b) Lida Baday
c) Ines Di Santo
d) David Dixon
Answer: c) Ines Di Santo

In 2019, Canadian fashion designer __________ became the first Indigenous designer to present at Paris Fashion Week.
a) Tanya Taylor
b) Beaufille
c) Lesley Hampton
d) Lesley Gore
Answer: c) Lesley Hampton

Which Canadian province is known for its traditional style of woolen sock knitting, known as “Wabigoon socks”?
a) Quebec
b) Newfoundland and Labrador
c) Manitoba
d) Saskatchewan
Answer: b) Newfoundland and Labrador

The term “couturier” refers to a fashion designer who creates __________.
a) Affordable ready-to-wear clothing
b) Luxury haute couture garments
c) Sportswear and activewear
d) Eco-friendly fashion
Answer: b) Luxury haute couture garments

Canadian fashion brand “Roots” is known for incorporating which iconic symbol into its logo?
a) Maple leaf
b) Beaver
c) Polar bear
d) Moose
Answer: b) Beaver

Which Canadian fashion designer gained international recognition for creating Lady Gaga’s famous meat dress?
a) Mark Fast
b) Denis Gagnon
c) Jeremy Laing
d) Jason Wu
Answer: a) Mark Fast

The “Canadian tuxedo” refers to a fashion trend involving wearing __________.
a) Ski suits
b) Flannel shirts
c) All-black outfits
d) Denim-on-denim ensembles
Answer: d) Denim-on-denim ensembles

Which Canadian fashion model gained worldwide fame for her unique gap-toothed smile?
a) Coco Rocha
b) Daria Werbowy
c) Jessica Stam
d) Heather Marks
Answer: a) Coco Rocha

“Obakki,” a Canadian fashion brand, is known for its collaborations with artisans from which country?
a) Ethiopia
b) India
c) Colombia
d) China
Answer: a) Ethiopia

Which Canadian city hosts “Fashion Week,” an event showcasing Canadian fashion designers and their collections?
a) Toronto
b) Montreal
c) Vancouver
d) Calgary
Answer: a) Toronto

The “Inuit parka,” also known as an “anorak,” is traditionally made from which material?
a) Silk
b) Leather
c) Fur
d) Cotton
Answer: c) Fur

Which Canadian fashion designer is known for his avant-garde and unconventional designs?
a) Greta Constantine
b) Mikhael Kale
c) Jason Wu
d) David Dixon
Answer: b) Mikhael Kale

The “Lululemon” brand, known for its activewear and yoga clothing, was founded in which Canadian city?
a) Vancouver
b) Toronto
c) Montreal
d) Calgary
Answer: a) Vancouver

“Slow fashion” is a movement that emphasizes __________.
a) Rapid production and consumption of clothing
b) Eco-friendly and sustainable practices
c) Flashy and extravagant designs
d) High-end luxury fashion
Answer: b) Eco-friendly and sustainable practices

The Canadian fashion designer Izzy Camilleri is known for her work in creating clothing for __________.
a) Athletes
b) Children
c) People with disabilities
d) Celebrities
Answer: c) People with disabilities

The famous Canadian fashion model Winnie Harlow gained attention for having which skin condition?
a) Vitiligo
b) Eczema
c) Psoriasis
d) Albinism
Answer: a) Vitiligo

“Joggins” is a term used in Canada to describe __________.
a) Comfortable sleepwear
b) Denim jackets
c) Dress shoes
d) Sweatpants
Answer: d) Sweatpants

The traditional clothing of the indigenous peoples of Canada is known as __________.
a) Lederhosen
b) Kimono
c) Regalia
d) Dashiki
Answer: c) Regalia

The Canadian fashion designer Marie Saint Pierre is known for her work with __________.
a) Sustainable fashion
b) Leather accessories
c) Wedding dresses
d) Eveningwear
Answer: d) Eveningwear

The Canadian retailer “Aritzia” is known for offering __________.
a) Luxury watches
b) Athletic footwear
c) Designer handbags
d) Women’s fashion and accessories
Answer: d) Women’s fashion and accessories

Which iconic Canadian brand is known for its durable and functional outdoor clothing and gear?
a) Roots
b) Lululemon
c) Canada Goose
d) HBC
Answer: c) Canada Goose

The “Butter Tart” is a type of dessert that has inspired a nail polish shade by which Canadian fashion brand?
a) Lululemon
b) Aritzia
c) Roots
d) Essie
Answer: d) Essie

Which indigenous fashion designer gained recognition for her contemporary designs that incorporate traditional elements?
a) Tanya Taylor
b) Tracey Deer
c) Christi Belcourt
d) Pauline Johnson
Answer: c) Christi Belcourt

“Fur Trade Chic” is a term used to describe fashion that draws inspiration from __________.
a) Traditional Inuit clothing
b) European royal attire
c) Fur trapping industry
d) Western cowboy fashion
Answer: c) Fur trapping industry

The “Canadian Fashion Awards,” which celebrate excellence in Canadian fashion, are also known by what name?
a) StyleCanada Awards
b) Maple Fashion Awards
c) La Mode Canadienne
d) CAFA Awards
Answer: d) CAFA Awards

The traditional clothing of the Métis people is known as __________.
a) Kente cloth
b) Jingle dress
c) Sari
d) Sash
Answer: d) Sash

The Canadian fashion designer __________ is known for her eco-friendly designs and use of sustainable materials.
a) Greta Constantine
b) Beaufille
c) Jessica Biffi
d) Peggy Sue Deaven-Smiltnieks
Answer: c) Jessica Biffi

Which Canadian fashion brand gained popularity for its “Made in Canada” ethical and sustainable clothing?
a) Club Monaco
b) Frank and Oak
c) Joe Fresh
d) H&M
Answer: b) Frank and Oak

The indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest are known for their distinctive art style that often appears on clothing and accessories. What is this art style called?
a) Haida art
b) Inuit art
c) Iroquois art
d) Algonquin art
Answer: a) Haida art

The Canadian fashion designer Farley Chatto is known for his work in which category of fashion?
a) Eveningwear
b) Swimwear
c) Athletic wear
d) Outerwear
Answer: d) Outerwear

The Canadian fashion brand “Want Les Essentiels” is known for creating high-quality __________.
a) Footwear
b) Handbags
c) Sunglasses
d) Jewelry
Answer: b) Handbags

The “Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards” (CAFA) celebrate outstanding achievements in various categories of the fashion industry. In which city are these awards held?
a) Montreal
b) Vancouver
c) Toronto
d) Calgary
Answer: c) Toronto

The Canadian fashion brand “Beaufille” is known for its minimalist and __________ designs.
a) Vintage-inspired
b) Bohemian
c) Gender-neutral
d) Avant-garde
Answer: c) Gender-neutral

The term “mukluks” refers to traditional footwear made by the indigenous peoples of __________.
a) The Arctic region
b) The Amazon rainforest
c) The African savannah
d) The Himalayas
Answer: a) The Arctic region

The Canadian fashion designer David Dixon is known for his elegant and timeless __________.
a) Streetwear
b) Couture gowns
c) Punk fashion
d) Denim jackets
Answer: b) Couture gowns

The “Lumbersexual” fashion trend, which involves a rugged and outdoorsy style, gained popularity in which decade?
a) 1960s
b) 1980s
c) 2000s
d) 2010s
Answer: d) 2010s

Which Canadian fashion designer is known for her luxurious knitwear collections and collaborations with artisans?
a) Lucian Matis
b) Dsquared2
c) Aurora James
d) Line the Label
Answer: d) Line the Label

The Canadian fashion brand “Mackage” is renowned for its high-quality __________.
a) Swimwear
b) Footwear
c) Outerwear
d) Activewear
Answer: c) Outerwear

The Canadian fashion designer Sid Neigum is known for his intricate and innovative __________.
a) Handbags
b) Jewelry
c) Knitwear
d) Origami-like designs
Answer: d) Origami-like designs

The traditional clothing of the Mi’kmaq people, known as “regalia,” often features intricate __________.
a) Beadwork
b) Embroidery
c) Lace
d) Feathers
Answer: a) Beadwork

The Canadian fashion brand “Kit and Ace” gained attention for its innovative use of __________ in its clothing.
a) Leather
b) Cashmere
c) Recycled materials
d) Denim
Answer: b) Cashmere

The traditional “jingle dress,” worn by some indigenous women, is associated with which cultural group?
a) Haida
b) Ojibwa (Anishinaabe)
c) Inuit
d) Blackfoot (Niitsitapi)
Answer: b) Ojibwa (Anishinaabe)

The Canadian fashion brand “DSquared2” was founded by twin brothers __________.
a) Dean and Dan Caten
b) Mark and Jordan Alexander
c) Oliver and Adelaide Teboul
d) Philip and Eran Elbaz
Answer: a) Dean and Dan Caten

The “mukluk” style of footwear is often adorned with __________, which serve both decorative and functional purposes.
a) Beads
b) Sequins
c) Bells
d) Feathers
Answer: a) Beads

The “Blanket Coat,” a type of outerwear, is inspired by the traditional blankets of which indigenous group?
a) Inuit
b) Métis
c) Haida
d) Plains Cree
Answer: b) Métis

The “Toronto Fashion Incubator” (TFI) is an organization that supports emerging Canadian __________ designers.
a) Jewelry
b) Shoe
c) Fashion
d) Home decor
Answer: c) Fashion

The Canadian fashion brand “Judith & Charles” is known for its modern and __________ designs.
a) Vintage-inspired
b) Bohemian
c) Ethereal
d) Minimalist
Answer: d) Minimalist

The “fascinator,” a small decorative headpiece often worn at formal events, is inspired by which accessory worn by indigenous women?
a) Feather headdress
b) Beaded necklace
c) Hairpipe choker
d) Wampum belt
Answer: a) Feather headdress

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