Canada History MCQs

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) MCQs with Answer

What does “CBC” stand for in the context of Canadian media?
a) Canadian Broadcast Channel
b) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
c) Canadian Broadcast Company
d) Canadian Broadcast Center
Answer: b) Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

When was the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) founded?
a) 1932
b) 1945
c) 1952
d) 1960
Answer: a) 1932

Which city is the headquarters of the CBC?
a) Montreal
b) Toronto
c) Vancouver
d) Ottawa
Answer: b) Toronto

What is the primary language used in CBC broadcasts?
a) French
b) Spanish
c) English
d) German
Answer: c) English

Which of the following is a popular news program on CBC?
a) Newsline
b) The Evening Report
c) The Daily News
d) The National
Answer: d) The National

What role does the CBC play in Canadian media landscape?
a) It is the sole broadcaster in Canada
b) It is a private media company
c) It is a public broadcaster
d) It is a foreign media outlet
Answer: c) It is a public broadcaster

CBC Radio provides programming in both English and which other language?
a) French
b) Spanish
c) Chinese
d) Italian
Answer: a) French

Which of the following is a popular music program on CBC Radio?
a) Rock Hour
b) Hip-Hop Jam
c) Jazz Cafe
d) Metal Mania
Answer: c) Jazz Cafe

CBC Television broadcasts a variety of programming, including news, dramas, comedies, and which other category?
a) Cooking shows
b) Reality TV
c) Science fiction
d) Sports events
Answer: d) Sports events

What is the name of the CBC’s streaming service that offers online content?
a) CBC Go
b) CBC Play
c) CBC Stream
d) CBC Gem
Answer: d) CBC Gem

Which popular comedy sketch show has been produced by CBC for many years, featuring various Canadian comedians?
a) “Just for Laughs”
b) “Comedy Central Presents”
c) “The Second City”
d) “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”
Answer: d) “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”

The CBC has been a pioneer in promoting which technology in Canada?
a) Cable television
b) Satellite radio
c) Digital television
d) Internet streaming
Answer: c) Digital television

What is the name of the CBC’s annual fundraising campaign that supports Canadian charities?
a) CBC Cares
b) CBC Heart
c) CBC Gives Back
d) CBC Food Bank Drive
Answer: a) CBC Cares

Which Canadian music competition show, featuring aspiring singers, has been broadcast on CBC?
a) “The Voice Canada”
b) “Canadian Idol”
c) “Sing Canada”
d) “Star Search”
Answer: b) “Canadian Idol”

CBC has been a significant contributor to which major Canadian cultural event since the 1950s?
a) Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)
b) Calgary Stampede
c) Canadian National Exhibition (CNE)
d) Montreal International Jazz Festival
Answer: d) Montreal International Jazz Festival

The CBC produces and airs a variety of documentaries and programs focused on which aspect of Canadian life?
a) Political analysis
b) Environmental issues
c) Science fiction
d) International news
Answer: b) Environmental issues

In the realm of sports broadcasting, CBC is known for its coverage of which annual event that features Canadian ice hockey teams?
a) World Series
b) Super Bowl
c) Stanley Cup Playoffs
d) NBA Finals
Answer: c) Stanley Cup Playoffs

Which famous CBC personality is known for hosting a long-running radio show featuring interviews with notable figures?
a) Peter Mansbridge
b) George Stroumboulopoulos
c) Jian Ghomeshi
d) Terry O’Reilly
Answer: b) George Stroumboulopoulos

CBC has been involved in the production and broadcasting of various acclaimed Canadian television series, including which popular medical drama?
a) “House”
b) “ER”
c) “Grey’s Anatomy”
d) “Heartland”
Answer: d) “Heartland”

What is the name of the CBC’s annual competition that showcases new and emerging Canadian musical talent?
a) CBC Music Awards
b) CBC Soundstage
c) CBC Music Discovery
d) CBC Music Search
Answer: c) CBC Music Discovery

Which influential Canadian media personality hosted the long-running CBC radio program “Q”?
a) Jian Ghomeshi
b) George Stroumboulopoulos
c) Peter Mansbridge
d) Terry O’Reilly
Answer: a) Jian Ghomeshi

CBC’s “Hockey Night in Canada” is known for broadcasting coverage of which popular sports league?
a) National Football League (NFL)
b) National Basketball Association (NBA)
c) Canadian Football League (CFL)
d) National Hockey League (NHL)
Answer: d) National Hockey League (NHL)

In addition to its television and radio broadcasts, CBC also produces digital content for which platform?
a) YouTube
b) TikTok
c) Twitter
d) Instagram
Answer: a) YouTube

CBC’s “The Fifth Estate” is a documentary program focused on which type of content?
a) Investigative journalism
b) Comedy sketches
c) Musical performances
d) Science and technology
Answer: a) Investigative journalism

Which popular Canadian sketch comedy show, known for its satirical humor, has been broadcast on CBC since the 1970s?
a) “Saturday Night Live”
b) “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”
c) “The Second City”
d) “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”
Answer: c) “The Second City”

CBC’s “Marketplace” is a program that focuses on which consumer-related aspect?
a) Home improvement
b) Travel destinations
c) Investigative reports on products and services
d) Celebrity interviews
Answer: c) Investigative reports on products and services

CBC’s “Dragons’ Den” is a reality TV show in which entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of what?
a) Venture capitalists
b) Celebrity chefs
c) Architects
d) Fashion designers
Answer: a) Venture capitalists

CBC is committed to promoting Canadian content through its programming, a concept often referred to as what?
a) Cultural globalization
b) Media diversity
c) CanCon (Canadian Content)
d) International broadcasting
Answer: c) CanCon (Canadian Content)

CBC’s “The Nature of Things” is a documentary program that focuses on which subject?
a) Astronomy
b) Wildlife and nature
c) Ancient history
d) World cultures
Answer: b) Wildlife and nature

Which well-known Canadian journalist and news anchor was associated with CBC’s “The National” for many years?
a) Lloyd Robertson
b) Peter Mansbridge
c) Tom Brokaw
d) Barbara Walters
Answer: b) Peter Mansbridge

CBC’s “Canada Reads” is an annual literary competition that focuses on which type of literary works?
a) Science fiction
b) Poetry
c) Non-fiction
d) Novels
Answer: d) Novels

CBC’s “Land and Sea” is a program that explores stories from which region of Canada?
a) Prairie provinces
b) Northern territories
c) Atlantic provinces
d) Western provinces
Answer: c) Atlantic provinces

The CBC has been involved in broadcasting coverage of major events, including which international sports competition?
a) FIFA World Cup
b) Summer Olympics
c) Tour de France
d) Wimbledon
Answer: b) Summer Olympics

Which popular Canadian children’s TV show, featuring characters like “The Friendly Giant” and “Mr. Dressup,” was produced by CBC?
a) “Sesame Street”
b) “Barney & Friends”
c) “The Muppets”
d) “Polka Dot Door”
Answer: d) “Polka Dot Door”

CBC’s “The Rick Mercer Report” is known for its comedic and satirical segments about what?
a) Political events and figures
b) Science and technology
c) Wildlife conservation
d) Celebrity gossip
Answer: a) Political events and figures

CBC’s “The Greatest Canadian” was a television program that aimed to determine the greatest Canadian of all time through public voting. Who was the winner?
a) Terry Fox
b) Sir John A. Macdonald
c) Wayne Gretzky
d) Tommy Douglas
Answer: d) Tommy Douglas

CBC’s “The Passionate Eye” is a documentary program that covers a wide range of topics, including what?
a) Culinary arts
b) Extreme sports
c) International politics
d) Fashion design
Answer: c) International politics

CBC’s “The Debaters” is a radio show that features comedians and guests debating humorous topics. What is the format of these debates?
a) One-on-one
b) Panel discussion
c) Rap battles
d) Improvisational skits
Answer: b) Panel discussion

Which Canadian actor and comedian hosted the popular CBC talk show “George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight”?
a) Mike Myers
b) John Candy
c) Russell Peters
d) George Stroumboulopoulos
Answer: d) George Stroumboulopoulos

CBC’s “Under the Influence” is a program that explores which aspect of modern life?
a) Technology trends
b) Marketing and advertising
c) Environmental issues
d) International cuisine
Answer: b) Marketing and advertising

The CBC’s “Kids’ CBC” programming block is aimed at which demographic?
a) Adults
b) Teenagers
c) Children
d) Seniors
Answer: c) Children

CBC’s “The Journal” was a popular news and current affairs program known for its in-depth reporting during which years?
a) 1970s and 1980s
b) 1980s and 1990s
c) 1990s and 2000s
d) 2000s and 2010s
Answer: b) 1980s and 1990s

CBC’s “Being Erica” is a TV series that falls into which genre?
a) Science fiction
b) Crime drama
c) Historical fiction
d) Fantasy drama
Answer: d) Fantasy drama

Which well-known Canadian journalist and television personality is known for his work on “The Nature of Things”?
a) Peter Mansbridge
b) David Suzuki
c) Lloyd Robertson
d) Kevin Newman
Answer: b) David Suzuki

CBC’s “The Romeo Section” is a television series focused on what theme?
a) Love and relationships
b) Espionage and intelligence operations
c) Medical drama
d) Legal proceedings
Answer: b) Espionage and intelligence operations

CBC’s “Murdoch Mysteries” is a popular TV series set in which time period?
a) Ancient Rome
b) Victorian-era Canada
c) Medieval Europe
d) World War II
Answer: b) Victorian-era Canada

CBC’s “Coronation Street” is a British TV series that has been aired on CBC for many years. What is the genre of this show?
a) Comedy
b) Science fiction
c) Soap opera
d) Reality TV
Answer: c) Soap opera

CBC’s “The Fifth Estate” is known for its investigative journalism and coverage of what kind of topics?
a) Celebrity gossip
b) True crime
c) Supernatural phenomena
d) Travel destinations
Answer: b) True crime

CBC’s “Dragons’ Den” is based on a format that originated in which country?
a) Canada
b) United Kingdom
c) United States
d) Australia
Answer: b) United Kingdom

CBC’s “The Rick Mercer Report” often features the host participating in what type of adventurous activities?
a) Extreme sports
b) Baking competitions
c) Gardening challenges
d) Political debates
Answer: a) Extreme sports

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