Australian Culture MCQs

Australian Theatrical Productions MCQs with Answer

Which Australian play, written by David Williamson, revolves around a group of university students exploring political activism?
a) “The Boys”
b) “Don’s Party”
c) “The Club”
d) “The Removalists”
Answer: b) “Don’s Party”

Which Australian musical is based on a true story about a young Aboriginal girl group who toured Vietnam during the war?
a) “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”
b) “The Sapphires”
c) “Muriel’s Wedding: The Musical”
d) “Strictly Ballroom: The Musical”
Answer: b) “The Sapphires”

In which play by Louis Nowra, set in a mental institution, do patients stage a performance of Mozart’s opera “Cosi Fan Tutte”?
a) “Summer of the Seventeenth Doll”
b) “Radiance”
c) “Cosi”
d) “The Secret River
Answer: c) “Cosi”

Which Australian production, originally written by Michael Gow, follows a family’s road trip to the beach in the face of a terminal illness?
a) “Away”
b) “The Season at Sarsaparilla”
c) “Blackrock”
d) “The Boys”
Answer: a) “Away”

The play “The Harp in the South” is an adaptation of which Australian author’s novels set in Surry Hills, Sydney?
a) Ruth Park
b) Tim Winton
c) Peter Carey
d) David Malouf
Answer: a) Ruth Park

Which Australian play explores the plight of Indigenous Australians forcibly removed from their families?
a) “No Sugar”
b) “The Cherry Pickers”
c) “The Drover’s Wife”
d) “Stolen”
Answer: d) “Stolen”

The production “Cloudstreet” is an adaptation of the novel by which acclaimed Australian author?
a) Thomas Keneally
b) Peter Carey
c) Tim Winton
d) David Malouf
Answer: c) Tim Winton

Which play by Andrew Bovell explores interconnected stories of families across generations?
a) “When the Rain Stops Falling”
b) “Ruby Moon
c) “The Lost Echo”
d) “Who’s Afraid of the Working Class?”
Answer: a) “When the Rain Stops Falling”

“The Club,” written by David Williamson, satirizes the politics and power struggles within which Australian sporting realm?
a) Rugby
b) Soccer
c) Cricket
d) Australian Rules Football
Answer: d) Australian Rules Football

Which play by Hannie Rayson deals with the impact of environmental activism on a small farming community?
a) “Inheritance”
b) “Life After George
c) “Two Brothers”
d) “Hotel Sorrento”
Answer: a) “Inheritance”

The musical “Matilda” is based on a book written by which popular British author?
a) Roald Dahl
b) J.K. Rowling
c) C.S. Lewis
d) Enid Blyton
Answer: a) Roald Dahl

“The Secret River” by Kate Grenville was adapted into a play exploring the colonization of which Australian river?
a) Murray River
b) Darling River
c) Hawkesbury River
d) Yarra River
Answer: c) Hawkesbury River

Which play by Ray Lawler is considered a classic in Australian theatre and portrays the lives of cane-cutters in Queensland?
a) “Summer of the Seventeenth Doll”
b) “The One Day of the Year”
c) “Kid Stakes”
d) “Norm and Ahmed”
Answer: a) “Summer of the Seventeenth Doll”

The play “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde was adapted into an Australian production set in which city?
a) Sydney
b) Melbourne
c) Perth
d) Brisbane
Answer: b) Melbourne

Which Australian playwright wrote the award-winning play “Black Diggers,” highlighting the contributions of Indigenous soldiers in WWI?
a) Wesley Enoch
b) Louis Nowra
c) Tom Holloway
d) Geoffrey Atherden
Answer: a) Wesley Enoch

The play “Hedda Gabler” was adapted into an Australian production set in which period?
a) Victorian era
b) Edwardian era
c) Interwar period
d) Contemporary era
Answer: d) Contemporary era

Which Australian play by Daniel Keene explores the lives of forgotten or marginalized individuals?
a) “Box the Pony”
b) “Mother Courage and Her Children”
c) “The Seed”
d) “The Longest Memory”
Answer: a) “Box the Pony”

The play “Summer of the Aliens” by Louis Nowra involves themes of alienation and adolescence set in which Australian city?
a) Melbourne
b) Sydney
c) Brisbane
d) Adelaide
Answer: b) Sydney

“The Removalists” by David Williamson is a critique of which aspect of Australian society?
a) Police corruption
b) Education system
c) Legal profession
d) Corporate world
Answer: a) Police corruption

The musical “Dream Lover” chronicles the life of which iconic Australian singer?
a) John Farnham
b) Johnny O’Keefe
c) Peter Allen
d) Jimmy Barnes
Answer: b) Johnny O’Keefe

“Keating! The Musical” is a satirical production centered around which former Australian Prime Minister?
a) Bob Hawke
b) John Howard
c) Paul Keating
d) Kevin Rudd
Answer: c) Paul Keating

The play “The Boy From Oz” is a biographical musical based on the life of which Australian entertainer?
a) Hugh Jackman
b) Peter Allen
c) Barry Humphries
d) Nick Cave
Answer: b) Peter Allen

Which Australian play written by Patricia Cornelius explores the lives of three female friends living on the margins of society?
a) “Do Not Go Gentle…”
b) “Shit”
c) “Savages”
d) “Wentworth”
Answer: b) “Shit”

The play “The Dance of Jeremiah” is set in the Australian outback and involves which central theme?
a) Environmental conservation
b) Indigenous land rights
c) Drought and survival
d) Rural migration
Answer: c) Drought and survival

Which Australian play by Katherine Thomson explores the lives of workers at a steelworks factory?
a) “King Tide”
b) “Harbour”
c) “Diving for Pearls”
d) “Wonderland”
Answer: c) “Diving for Pearls”

The play “Blind Giant is Dancing” by Stephen Sewell reflects upon the influence of which political figure in Australian politics?
a) Bob Hawke
b) Gough Whitlam
c) Malcolm Fraser
d) John Howard
Answer: b) Gough Whitlam

“The 7 Stages of Grieving” by Wesley Enoch and Deborah Mailman explores the experiences of Indigenous Australians in which context?
a) Post-colonial era
b) Stolen generations
c) Land rights activism
d) Urbanization challenges
Answer: b) Stolen generations

The play “Switzerland” by Joanna Murray-Smith revolves around which famous author in her final years?
a) Agatha Christie
b) Harper Lee
c) Patricia Highsmith
d) Virginia Woolf
Answer: c) Patricia Highsmith

“The Power of Yes” is a theatrical production by David Hare that examines which significant global event?
a) Financial crisis of 2008
b) World War II
c) Cuban Missile Crisis
d) Arab Spring
Answer: a) Financial crisis of 2008

Which Australian playwright wrote the play “The White Divers of Broome,” based on the history of pearl diving?
a) Kate Mulvany
b) Louis Nowra
c) Hilary Bell
d) Steve Rodgers
Answer: c) Hilary Bell

“The Birthday Party” by Harold Pinter was adapted into an Australian production set in which state?
a) Queensland
b) New South Wales
c) Victoria
d) Western Australia
Answer: b) New South Wales

The production “Angels in America” by Tony Kushner explores the impact of which major health crisis?
a) HIV/AIDS epidemic
b) Influenza pandemic
c) Tuberculosis outbreak
d) Ebola virus outbreak
Answer: a) HIV/AIDS epidemic

Which Australian playwright created the play “The Longest Minute,” focusing on rugby league and its cultural significance in Queensland?
a) Alana Valentine
b) Daniel Evans
c) Stephen Carleton
d) Melissa Bubnic
Answer: c) Stephen Carleton

“Happy Days” by Samuel Beckett was adapted into an Australian production featuring which celebrated actress in the lead role?
a) Cate Blanchett
b) Judy Davis
c) Nicole Kidman
d) Toni Collette
Answer: b) Judy Davis

The play “Speaking in Tongues” by Andrew Bovell intertwines stories of infidelity and betrayal in which Australian city?
a) Sydney
b) Melbourne
c) Brisbane
d) Adelaide
Answer: a) Sydney

“The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” is a musical comedy set in which competitive event?
a) Science fair
b) Chess tournament
c) Spelling bee
d) Math Olympiad
Answer: c) Spelling bee

The play “The Temple” by Dacia Maraini explores themes of power dynamics and oppression in which historical setting?
a) Ancient Rome
b) Medieval Europe
c) Renaissance Florence
d) Colonial America
Answer: a) Ancient Rome

Which Australian playwright wrote the play “The Waiting Room,” delving into the lives of strangers brought together in a hospital?
a) Katherine Thomson
b) Leah Purcell
c) Kylie Coolwell
d) Alex Broun
Answer: d) Alex Broun

The musical “Shrek” is based on a DreamWorks Animation film featuring the voice of which actor in the titular role?
a) Eddie Murphy
b) Mike Myers
c) John Lithgow
d) Cameron Diaz
Answer: b) Mike Myers[/j

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