Australian Culture MCQs

Australian Music Evolution MCQs with Answer

Which Australian band was known for their hit single “Down Under” in the early 1980s?
a) Men at Work
b) AC/DC
d) Midnight Oil
Answer: a) Men at Work

What is the traditional Australian wind instrument made from eucalyptus wood?
a) Didgeridoo
b) Banjo
c) Kazoo
d) Flute
Answer: a) Didgeridoo

Which Australian singer-songwriter is known for her hit single “Torn” released in 1997?
a) Natalie Imbruglia
b) Kylie Minogue
c) Sia
d) Delta Goodrem
Answer: a) Natalie Imbruglia

Which iconic Australian rock band was formed by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young?
a) Cold Chisel
b) Silverchair
c) The Easybeats
d) AC/DC
Answer: d) AC/DC

What was the name of the album released by Midnight Oil in 1987 that addressed political and social issues in Australia?
a) “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1”
b) “Red Sails in the Sunset”
c) “Diesel and Dust”
d) “Blue Sky Mining”
Answer: c) “Diesel and Dust”

Which Australian rock band was formed in Sydney in 1973 and was fronted by Bon Scott and later by Brian Johnson?
b) The Angels
c) Cold Chisel
d) AC/DC
Answer: d) AC/DC

What indigenous Australian music and dance performance art form involves rhythmic body percussion and singing?
a) Corroboree
b) Yidaki
c) Dreamtime
d) Mabo
Answer: a) Corroboree

Which Australian musician gained international recognition for the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” in 2011?
a) Gotye
b) Vance Joy
c) Tame Impala
d) Flume
Answer: a) Gotye

Which Australian pop group achieved worldwide success in the 1960s with hits like “Friday on My Mind”?
a) The Bee Gees
b) The Seekers
c) The Easybeats
d) Little River Band
Answer: c) The Easybeats

Which Australian singer-songwriter released the album “Golden Road” in 2002, popularizing country music?
a) Keith Urban
b) Lee Kernaghan
c) Kasey Chambers
d) Troy Cassar-Daley
Answer: a) Keith Urban

What genre of music is associated with Australian artist Flume?
a) Hip-hop
b) Electronic
c) Alternative rock
d) Reggae
Answer: b) Electronic

Which iconic Australian singer was known for her hit song “I Should Be So Lucky” in the late 1980s?
a) Tina Arena
b) Olivia Newton-John
c) Kylie Minogue
d) Natalie Imbruglia
Answer: c) Kylie Minogue

What was the name of the rock band formed in Geelong, Australia, and known for their song “Tomorrow?
a) Powderfinger
b) Silverchair
c) The Living End
Answer: b) Silverchair

Which Australian musician and former frontman of Crowded House also had a successful solo career?
a) Bernard Fanning
b) Neil Finn
c) Nick Cave
d) Paul Kelly
Answer: b) Neil Finn

What is the term used for the fusion of traditional Aboriginal music with contemporary styles?
a) Indigenous pop
b) Fusion folk
c) Aboriginal fusion
d) Indigenous fusion
Answer: d) Indigenous fusion

Which Australian singer-songwriter is known for her powerful voice and hits like “The Voice” and “You’re the Voice”?
a) Tina Arena
b) Kylie Minogue
c) Delta Goodrem
d) John Farnham
Answer: d) John Farnham

Which Australian rock band had an album titled “The Joshua Tree” that gained significant global success in the 1980s?
a) Crowded House
c) Midnight Oil
d) U2
Answer: d) U2

Which Australian band is known for their alternative rock sound and the hit single “My Happiness”?
a) Something for Kate
b) Eskimo Joe
c) Powderfinger
d) The Living End
Answer: c) Powderfinger

Which Australian rapper gained international acclaim with the album “The New Classic”?
a) Iggy Azalea
b) Tkay Maidza
c) Allday
d) Hilltop Hoods
Answer: a) Iggy Azalea

Which Aboriginal rock band released the song “Beds Are Burning” in the late 1980s?
a) Yothu Yindi
b) Warumpi Band
c) No Fixed Address
d) Coloured Stone
Answer: a) Yothu Yindi

What genre of music is associated with Australian artist Tame Impala?
a) Psychedelic rock
b) Grunge
c) Indie pop
d) Folk
Answer: a) Psychedelic rock

Which Australian musician was known for their 1987 hit song “Electric Blue”?
a) Richard Clapton
b) John Farnham
c) Icehouse
d) Mondo Rock
Answer: c) Icehouse

What is the name of the Indigenous Australian instrument made from a hollowed-out tree trunk and played with sticks?
a) Yidaki
b) Bullroarer
c) Clapsticks
d) Gumleaf
Answer: a) Yidaki

Which Australian band is known for their folk-rock style and songs like “To Her Door” and “Before Too Long”?
a) Goanna
b) Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls
c) Hunters & Collectors
d) The Triffids
Answer: b) Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls

Which Australian singer-songwriter is known for his song “Waltzing Matilda,” often considered Australia’s unofficial national anthem?
a) Slim Dusty
b) John Williamson
c) Troy Cassar-Daley
d) Lee Kernaghan
Answer: a) Slim Dusty

Which Australian indie rock band released the album “Lonerism” in 2012, gaining critical acclaim?
a) Wolfmother
b) Gang of Youths
c) Ball Park Music
d) Tame Impala
Answer: d) Tame Impala

What is the style of music that combines elements of country, folk, and rock, often associated with artists like Kasey Chambers?
a) Outback fusion
b) Country rock
c) Bush ballad
d) Folk-pop
Answer: b) Country rock

Which Australian musician gained fame with the album “Tea for the Tillerman” and songs like “Wild World?
a) Paul Kelly
b) Cat Stevens
c) John Butler
d) Xavier Rudd
Answer: b) Cat Stevens

Which Australian artist’s real name is Reginald Dwight, who gained global fame as a pop-rock pianist and singer?
a) John Farnham
b) Elton John
c) Jimmy Barnes
d) Peter Allen
Answer: b) Elton John

What is the term for the music genre characterized by its aggressive and fast-paced sound, often associated with bands like Frenzal Rhomb?
a) Skate punk
b) Hardcore punk
c) Pop punk
d) Garage punk
Answer: b) Hardcore punk

Which Australian singer is known for her song “Chandelier” and has collaborated with artists like David Guetta and Eminem?
a) Delta Goodrem
b) Sia
c) Jessica Mauboy
d) Amy Shark
Answer: b) Sia

Which Australian musician and actor was a prominent figure in the band INXS?
a) Michael Hutchence
b) Kirk Pengilly
c) Andrew Farriss
d) Jon Farriss
Answer: a) Michael Hutchence

Which Australian band released the album “Like Drawing Blood” in 2006, showcasing a mix of indie pop and electronic music?
a) Cut Copy
b) Empire of the Sun
c) The Presets
d) Gotye
Answer: d) Gotye

What is the name of the Australian music festival held annually in Byron Bay, attracting international artists and audiences?
a) Splendour in the Grass
b) Falls Festival
c) Big Day Out
d) Groovin the Moo
Answer: a) Splendour in the Grass

Which Australian singer-songwriter gained fame with her song “Big Jet Plane” and is part of the duo Angus & Julia Stone?
a) Missy Higgins
b) Katie Noonan
c) Megan Washington
d) Julia Stone
Answer: d) Julia Stone

Which Australian band was formed in the 1970s and is known for their hit song “Boys in Town”?
a) Divinyls
b) The Go-Betweens
c) Models
d) Mental as Anything
Answer: a) Divinyls

Which Australian musician and singer is known for blending folk and pop music, gaining popularity with the song “Riptide”?
a) Vance Joy
b) Dean Lewis
c) Ziggy Alberts
d) Matt Corby
Answer: a) Vance Joy

What style of music is characterized by its roots in Indigenous Australian cultures and storytelling, often featuring the didgeridoo?
a) Dreamtime rock
b) Aboriginal fusion
c) Indigenous folk
d) Didgeridoo blues
Answer: b) Aboriginal fusion

Which Australian musician, known for his distinctive voice, gained fame with the song “The Horses” in the early 1990s?
a) Jimmy Barnes
b) Diesel
c) Ian Moss
d) Daryl Braithwaite
Answer: d) Daryl Braithwaite

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