Australian Politics MCQs

Australian Public Opinion MCQs with Answer

Which Australian political party traditionally focuses on conservative values?

A) Labor Party
B) Greens
C) Liberal Party
D) National Party
Answer: C) Liberal Party
What percentage of Australians voted “Yes” in the 2017 same-sex marriage postal survey?

A) 61.6%
B) 48.2%
C) 75.3%
D) 53.4%
Answer: A) 61.6%
In which year did Australia become a federation?

A) 1901
B) 1850
C) 1920
D) 1888
Answer: A) 1901
Which Australian state has the largest population?

A) Queensland
B) New South Wales
C) Victoria
D) Western Australia
Answer: B) New South Wales
The “stolen generations” refers to:

A) Indigenous Australians removed from their families
B) The Australian youth in the 1970s
C) A political movement in the 1990s
D) The elderly population in rural areas
Answer: A) Indigenous Australians removed from their families
Who is the head of the Australian government?

A) Prime Minister
B) President
C) Governor-General
D) Premier
Answer: A) Prime Minister
What is the capital city of Australia?

A) Sydney
B) Melbourne
C) Canberra
D) Brisbane
Answer: C) Canberra
Which Australian state or territory is the largest by area?

A) Tasmania
B) Australian Capital Territory
C) Queensland
D) Western Australia
Answer: D) Western Australia
Australia’s official national language is:

A) English
B) Mandarin
C) Arabic
D) Aboriginal languages
Answer: A) English
Which political figure was Australia’s first female Prime Minister?

A) Julia Gillard
B) Pauline Hanson
C) Julie Bishop
D) Sally McManus
Answer: A) Julia Gillard
The Great Barrier Reef is located along which Australian state or territory?

A) Queensland
B) New South Wales
C) Northern Territory
D) Victoria
Answer: A) Queensland
The highest mountain in Australia is:

A) Mount Kosciuszko
B) Mount Bogong
C) Mount Ossa
D) Mount Wilhelm
Answer: A) Mount Kosciuszko
Australia’s Indigenous population refers to:

A) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
B) New Zealand immigrants
C) British settlers
D) South Asian migrants
Answer: A) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
What is the term used to refer to the Australian currency?

A) Pound
B) Dollar
C) Euro
D) Yen
Answer: B) Dollar
Which Australian state or territory has Uluru (Ayers Rock) as a notable landmark?

A) South Australia
B) Western Australia
C) Northern Territory
D) Victoria
Answer: C) Northern Territory
The “White Australia Policy” aimed to:

A) Promote immigration from European countries
B) Encourage multiculturalism
C) Restrict non-European immigration
D) Promote indigenous rights
Answer: C) Restrict non-European immigration
Australia’s main export commodity is:

A) Iron ore
B) Gold
C) Wheat
D) Coal
Answer: A) Iron ore
What is the name of the legislative body in the Australian federal government?

A) Parliament
B) Senate
C) Congress
D) House of Representatives
Answer: A) Parliament
The official animal emblem of Australia is the:

A) Kangaroo
B) Emu
C) Koala
D) Wombat
Answer: A) Kangaroo
Which of these Australian territories does not operate on Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)?

A) Queensland
B) New South Wales
C) Australian Capital Territory
D) Northern Territory
Answer: A) Queensland
Who is responsible for appointing the Governor-General of Australia?

A) Prime Minister
B) Queen of England
C) Australian Electoral Commission
D) Australian Parliament
Answer: B) Queen of England
The term “bushfires” in Australia refers to:

A) Wildfires
B) Agricultural practices
C) Rural communities
D) Indigenous ceremonies
Answer: A) Wildfires
What event marked the end of the White Australia Policy?

A) World War II
B) Vietnam War
C) Implementation of the Racial Discrimination Act
D) Sydney Olympics
Answer: C) Implementation of the Racial Discrimination Act
The Australian Labor Party is typically associated with which political ideology?

A) Conservative
B) Liberal
C) Social democratic
D) Libertarian
Answer: C) Social democratic
Who is the ceremonial head of state in Australia?

A) Prime Minister
B) Governor-General
C) President
D) Chief Justice
Answer: B) Governor-General
The Sydney Opera House is situated on the shores of which body of water?

A) Pacific Ocean
B) Tasman Sea
C) Sydney Harbour
D) Indian Ocean
Answer: C) Sydney Harbour
Which Australian state or territory is known for its wine-producing regions like the Barossa Valley?

A) South Australia
B) Victoria
C) New South Wales
D) Western Australia
Answer: A) South Australia
Australia’s national public broadcaster is known as:

A) ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
B) SBS (Special Broadcasting Service)
C) NBC (National Broadcasting Corporation)
D) CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System)
Answer: A) ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Which famous Australian landmark is also known as the “Coathanger” due to its shape?

A) Sydney Harbour Bridge
B) Uluru (Ayers Rock)
C) Great Ocean Road
D) The Twelve Apostles
Answer: A) Sydney Harbour Bridge
The capital city of South Australia is:

A) Perth
B) Adelaide
C) Hobart
D) Darwin
Answer: B) Adelaide
Which Australian state or territory is famous for the natural wonder known as the Pinnacles?

A) Tasmania
B) Queensland
C) Western Australia
D) Northern Territory
Answer: C) Western Australia
What is the name of the rock formation located in the Northern Territory that is sacred to the local Indigenous people?

A) Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)
B) Wave Rock
C) Mount Augustus
D) The Three Sisters
Answer: A) Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)
The Australian flag features the Union Jack in the:

A) Top left-hand corner
B) Bottom right-hand corner
C) Center
D) Bottom left-hand corner
Answer: A) Top left-hand corner
Which Australian city hosted the 2000 Summer Olympics?

A) Melbourne
B) Sydney
C) Brisbane
D) Perth
Answer: B) Sydney
Who is credited with the first European sighting of the Australian mainland?

A) James Cook
B) Abel Tasman
C) Willem Janszoon
D) Matthew Flinders
Answer: C) Willem Janszoon
The traditional Indigenous instrument known as the didgeridoo is made from:

A) Bamboo
B) Eucalyptus wood
C) Metal
D) Plastic
Answer: B) Eucalyptus wood
Which Australian state or territory is home to the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park?

A) Victoria
B) Queensland
C) New South Wales
D) Tasmania
Answer: B) Queensland
The “Anzac Day” in Australia and New Zealand commemorates:

A) Independence Day
B) End of World War I
C) Arrival of the first fleet
D) Foundation Day
Answer: B) End of World War I
What is the term used for the Australian outback’s remote rural areas?

A) Suburbs
B) Backcountry
C) Bush
D) Hinterland
Answer: C) Bush
The “Mabo decision” in Australia relates to:

A) Indigenous land rights
B) Environmental conservation
C) National education policy
D) Immigration laws
Answer: A) Indigenous land rights

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