Australian Culture MCQs

Australian Performing Arts MCQs with Answer

Which iconic Australian actor won an Academy Award for his role in “Gladiator”?

A) Geoffrey Rush
B) Cate Blanchett
C) Russell Crowe
D) Nicole Kidman
Answer: C) Russell Crowe
The Sydney Opera House was designed by which architect?

A) Frank Gehry
B) Jørn Utzon
C) Zaha Hadid
D) Renzo Piano
Answer: B) Jørn Utzon
The Bangarra Dance Theatre is known for its performances primarily in which art form?

A) Ballet
B) Contemporary Dance
C) Folk Dance
D) Hip Hop Dance
Answer: B) Contemporary Dance
Which Australian singer-songwriter is known for hits like “Big Jet Plane” and “Heart Beats Slow”?

A) Sia
B) Guy Sebastian
C) Angus Stone
D) Delta Goodrem
Answer: C) Angus Stone
The Bell Shakespeare Company is renowned for its productions in which theatrical genre?

A) Musical Theatre
B) Classical Theatre
C) Experimental Theatre
D) Physical Theatre
Answer: B) Classical Theatre
Cloudstreet” is an Australian play adapted from the novel of the same name by which author?

A) Tim Winton
B) Peter Carey
C) Thomas Keneally
D) Richard Flanagan
Answer: A) Tim Winton
The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) is located in which Australian city?

A) Melbourne
B) Adelaide
C) Brisbane
D) Sydney
Answer: D) Sydney
“The Rabbits” is an operatic adaptation of a picture book co-created by John Marsden and which composer?

A) Elena Kats-Chernin
B) Richard Meale
C) Peter Sculthorpe
D) Brett Dean
Answer: A) Elena Kats-Chernin
Which Australian actress starred in both “Moulin Rouge!” and “The Hours” and won an Academy Award for the latter?

A) Naomi Watts
B) Toni Collette
C) Nicole Kidman
D) Margot Robbie
Answer: C) Nicole Kidman
The Helpmann Awards recognize achievements in which sector of the performing arts?

A) Dance
B) Theatre
C) Music
D) All of the above
Answer: D) All of the above
“Strictly Ballroom” was a successful Australian film directed by:

A) Baz Luhrmann
B) George Miller
C) Jane Campion
D) Phillip Noyce
Answer: A) Baz Luhrmann
The Australian Chamber Orchestra is best known for performances in which musical genre?

A) Classical
B) Jazz
C) Rock
D) Electronic
Answer: A) Classical
The role of Katharine Hepburn in the play “Tea at Five” was portrayed by which Australian actress?

A) Judy Davis
B) Cate Blanchett
C) Rachel Griffiths
D) Frances O’Connor
Answer: B) Cate Blanchett
The Australian Ballet Company was founded in which year?

A) 1956
B) 1962
C) 1970
D) 1981
Answer: B) 1962
The musical “Priscilla Queen of the Desert” is set in which Australian city?

A) Sydney
B) Melbourne
C) Brisbane
D) Alice Springs
Answer: D) Alice Springs
Which Australian actor played the lead role in the film “Lion”?

A) Dev Patel
B) Joel Edgerton
C) Hugh Jackman
D) Heath Ledger
Answer: A) Dev Patel
The Australian playwright responsible for the highly regarded play “The Secret River” is:

A) Andrew Bovell
B) Kate Mulvany
C) Andrew Upton
D) Sydney Nolan
Answer: A) Andrew Bovell
The iconic Australian rock musical “The Boy from Oz” is based on the life of which performer?

A) Peter Allen
B) Michael Hutchence
C) Johnny O’Keefe
D) Billy Thorpe
Answer: A) Peter Allen
The Adelaide Festival is an arts festival held in which Australian city?

A) Sydney
B) Melbourne
C) Adelaide
D) Brisbane
Answer: C) Adelaide
The Australian film “Mad Max: Fury Road” was directed by:

A) Baz Luhrmann
B) George Miller
C) Warwick Thornton
D) David Michôd
Answer: B) George Miller
The dance theatre production “Glow” was created by which Australian choreographer?

A) Lucy Guerin
B) Graeme Murphy
C) Stephen Page
D) Meryl Tankard
Answer: A) Lucy Guerin
The Australian playwright behind “The Boys” is:

A) David Williamson
B) Louis Nowra
C) Nick Enright
D) Gordon Graham
Answer: B) Louis Nowra
The TV series “Dance Academy” revolves around the lives of students attending a fictional dance school located in:

A) Sydney
B) Melbourne
C) Brisbane
D) Adelaide
Answer: A) Sydney
“Storm Boy” is an Australian film adaptation based on a novel by:

A) Tim Winton
B) Colin Thiele
C) Richard Flanagan
D) Markus Zusak
Answer: B) Colin Thiele
The Australian actor who portrayed Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is:

A) Chris Hemsworth
B) Liam Hemsworth
C) Luke Hemsworth
D) Sam Worthington
Answer: A) Chris Hemsworth
The director of the film “The Sapphires,” based on the play of the same name, is:

A) Wayne Blair
B) Warwick Thornton
C) Ivan Sen
D) Rachel Perkins
Answer: A) Wayne Blair
“Muriel’s Wedding: The Musical” is based on the Australian film “Muriel’s Wedding” and features music by which band?

B) Crowded House
D) Savage Garden
Answer: D) Savage Garden
The TV series “The Secret Life of Us” primarily focuses on the lives of young adults living in which Australian city?

A) Sydney
B) Melbourne
C) Perth
D) Brisbane
Answer: B) Melbourne
The Australian writer known for plays like “The Removalists” and “Don’s Party” is:

A) David Williamson
B) Louis Nowra
C) Nick Enright
D) Gordon Graham
Answer: A) David Williamson
The film “Rabbit-Proof Fence” was directed by:

A) Warwick Thornton
B) Ivan Sen
C) Rachel Perkins
D) Phillip Noyce
Answer: D) Phillip Noyce
“The Divorce” is a play written by which Australian playwright?

A) Hannie Rayson
B) Joanna Murray-Smith
C) Katherine Thomson
D) Joanna Weinberg
Answer: A) Hannie Rayson
The Australian actress who starred in the film “The Babadook” is:

A) Rose Byrne
B) Essie Davis
C) Toni Collette
D) Mia Wasikowska
Answer: B) Essie Davis
The Bell Shakespeare Company was founded by actor John Bell in which year?

A) 1989
B) 1990
C) 1991
D) 1992
Answer: A) 1989
The Australian film “Animal Kingdom” was directed by:

A) John Hillcoat
B) Greg McLean
C) David Michôd
D) Warwick Thornton
Answer: C) David Michôd
The production “Black Swan” by the West Australian Ballet is based on which classic ballet?

A) Swan Lake
B) The Nutcracker
C) Giselle
D) Coppélia
Answer: A) Swan Lake
The Australian actress known for her role in the TV series “Offspring” is:

A) Asher Keddie
B) Kat Stewart
C) Deborah Mailman
D) Jane Harber
Answer: A) Asher Keddie
The rock musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” made its Australian debut in which city?

A) Sydney
B) Melbourne
C) Brisbane
D) Adelaide
Answer: B) Melbourne
The Australian film “Samson & Delilah” was directed by:

A) Ivan Sen
B) Rachel Perkins
C) Warwick Thornton
D) Wayne Blair
Answer: C) Warwick Thornton
The Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) is located in which city?

A) Sydney
B) Brisbane
C) Melbourne
D) Adelaide
Answer: B) Brisbane
The musical “King Kong” had its world premiere in Australia in which city?

A) Sydney
B) Melbourne
C) Brisbane
D) Perth
Answer: A) Sydney

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