Australian Culture MCQs

Australian Culinary Trademarks MCQs with Answer

Which Australian dessert is made with layers of chocolate, cream, and a crunchy base?
a) Pavlova
b) Lamington
c) Tim Tam Slam
d) Chocolate Ripple Cake
Answer: Answer: d) Chocolate Ripple Cake

Which Australian spread is known for its unique yeast extract flavor?
a) Vegemite
b) Marmite
c) Promite
d) Nutella
Answer: Answer: a) Vegemite

What dish consists of a pie filled with minced meat and gravy?
a) Prawn Cocktail
b) Meat Pie
c) Sausage Roll
d) Chicken Parmigiana
Answer: Answer: b) Meat Pie

Which Australian alcoholic beverage is brewed from malted barley, hops, yeast, and water?
a) Shiraz
b) Chardonnay
c) Fosters Lager
d) Coopers Pale Ale
Answer: Answer: d) Coopers Pale Ale

What Australian confectionery item is made of a fluffy marshmallow center covered in chocolate and coconut?
a) Anzac Biscuits
b) Jaffas
c) Cherry Ripe
d) Fantales
Answer: Answer: c) Cherry Ripe

Which Australian fruit is often used in desserts, pies, and jams due to its unique taste?
a) Passionfruit
b) Kiwi
c) Pineapple
d) Mango
Answer: Answer: a) Passionfruit

What traditional Australian bread is often topped with Vegemite or butter?
a) Ciabatta
b) Damper
c) Sourdough
d) Turkish Bread
Answer: Answer: b) Damper

Which Australian dish consists of grilled beefsteak topped with a fried egg?
a) Surf and Turf
b) Fish and Chips
c) Barramundi
d) Steak Diane
Answer: Answer: a) Surf and Turf

What Australian dessert is a sponge cake topped with cream and fruit?
a) Lamington
b) Pavlova
c) Trifle
d) Vanilla Slice
Answer: Answer: b) Pavlova

Which Australian coffee is made by pouring espresso over vanilla ice cream?
a) Flat White
b) Long Black
c) Affogato
d) Macchiato
Answer: Answer: c) Affogato

What Australian snack is a deep-fried dough pastry topped with icing sugar?
a) Chiko Roll
b) Dagwood Dog
c) Jam Doughnut
d) Cronut
Answer: Answer: a) Chiko Roll

Which Australian dish consists of grilled meat, usually lamb or beef, served on a skewer?
a) Kebab
b) Satay
c) Souvlaki
d) Yakitori
Answer: Answer: c) Souvlaki

What Australian biscuit is made from oats, golden syrup, and coconut?
a) Tim Tam
b) Iced Vovo
c) Anzac Biscuit
d) Monte Carlo
Answer: Answer: c) Anzac Biscuit

Which Australian wine region is renowned for producing Shiraz?
a) Barossa Valley
b) Yarra Valley
c) Margaret River
d) Hunter Valley
Answer: Answer: a) Barossa Valley

What Australian dish is a spread made from mashed avocado on toast?
a) Crocodile Dundee
b) Smash Avo
c) Bush Tucker
d) Avocado Smash
Answer: Answer: b) Smash Avo

Which Australian savory pastry is filled with minced meat and gravy?
a) Cornish Pasty
b) Beef Wellington
c) Sausage Roll
d) Empanada
Answer: Answer: c) Sausage Roll

What Australian cookie is famous for its chocolate-covered biscuit filled with a chocolate cream center?
a) Mint Slice
b) Iced Vovo
c) Tim Tam
d) Kingston
Answer: Answer: c) Tim Tam

Which Australian cocktail is made from vodka, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice?
a) Mojito
b) Cosmopolitan
c) Margarita
d) Sex on the Beach
Answer: Answer: d) Sex on the Beach

What Australian dish consists of battered and deep-fried seafood?
a) Seafood Basket
b) Fish and Chips
c) Prawn Cocktail
d) Oysters Kilpatrick
Answer: Answer: b) Fish and Chips

Which Australian cocktail typically includes coffee liqueur, vodka, and cream?
a) Espresso Martini
b) White Russian
c) Black Russian
d) Bushfire
Answer: Answer: b) White Russian

What Australian dessert is a layered pastry filled with cream or custard?
a) Vanilla Slice
b) Chocolate Ripple Cake
c) Lamington
d) Monte Carlo
Answer: Answer: a) Vanilla Slice

Which Australian cheese is known for its strong smell and creamy texture?
a) Camembert
b) Brie
c) Blue Cheese
d) Cheddar
Answer: Answer: c) Blue Cheese

What Australian dish is a meat-filled pastry often served with tomato sauce?
a) Chicken Parmigiana
b) Beef Wellington
c) Cornish Pasty
d) Surf and Turf
Answer: Answer: c) Cornish Pasty

Which Australian city is famous for its seafood and fish markets?
a) Sydney
b) Melbourne
c) Brisbane
d) Adelaide
Answer: Answer: a) Sydney

What Australian beer brand is known for its green and gold packaging and slogan “Australian for Beer”?
a) XXXX Gold
b) Victoria Bitter (VB)
c) Carlton Draught
d) Tooheys New
Answer: Answer: b) Victoria Bitter (VB)

Which Australian dessert is a small cake covered in chocolate icing and coconut?
a) Vanilla Slice
b) Lamington
c) Cherry Ripe
d) Tim Tam
Answer: Answer: b) Lamington

What Australian dish is a thin slice of beef coated in breadcrumbs and fried, often served with mashed potatoes and vegetables?
a) Chicken Schnitzel
b) Chicken Parmigiana
c) Veal Scallopini
d) Beef Schnitzel
Answer: Answer: d) Beef Schnitzel

Which Australian wine region is renowned for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir?
a) Hunter Valley
b) Margaret River
c) Yarra Valley
d) Barossa Valley
Answer: Answer: c) Yarra Valley

What Australian dish consists of fried potato slices often served as a side dish?
a) Potato Gems
b) Potato Fritters
c) Potato Scallops
d) Potato Croquettes
Answer: Answer: c) Potato Scallops

Which Australian sweet treat is a candy-coated chocolate?
a) Fantales
b) Jaffas
c) Minties
d) Freddo Frog
Answer: Answer: b) Jaffas

What Australian dish is a sandwich filled with thinly sliced roast beef, gravy, and mustard?
a) Dagwood Dog
b) Roast Beef Sandwich
c) Steak Sandwich
d) Beef Roll
Answer: Answer: c) Steak Sandwich

Which Australian dessert is a biscuit filled with marshmallow and jam, topped with coconut?
a) Mint Slice
b) Iced Vovo
c) Monte Carlo
d) Kingston
Answer: Answer: c) Monte Carlo

What Australian dish is a bread roll filled with grilled or fried fish and usually served with tartar sauce?
a) Fish and Chips
b) Barramundi Burger
c) Seafood Basket
d) Prawn Cocktail
Answer: Answer: b) Barramundi Burger

Which Australian liqueur is made from native macadamia nuts?
a) Midori
b) Frangelico
c) Baileys
d) Amarula
Answer: Answer: b) Frangelico

What Australian dish is a cocktail made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice?
a) Mojito
b) Moscow Mule
c) Dark ‘n’ Stormy
d) Pimm’s Cup
Answer: Answer: b) Moscow Mule

Which Australian savory pie contains chunks of tender steak, often cooked in a gravy or sauce?
a) Pepper Steak Pie
b) Beef and Mushroom Pie
c) Steak and Kidney Pie
d) Guinness Pie
Answer: Answer: a) Pepper Steak Pie

What Australian dish is a barbecue meal consisting of various meats such as sausages, steak, and lamb chops?
a) Aussie BBQ
b) Barbecued Snags
c) Sausage Sizzle
d) Mixed Grill
Answer: Answer: d) Mixed Grill

Which Australian cocktail contains vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice?
a) Cosmopolitan
b) Fruity Fizz
c) Sex on the Beach
d) Tequila Sunrise
Answer: Answer: c) Sex on the Beach

What Australian dessert is a frozen confectionery made with fruit juice and sugar?
a) Pavlova
b) Gelato
c) Sorbet
d) Ice Cream
Answer: Answer: c) Sorbet

Which Australian coffee drink consists of espresso with a small amount of frothed milk?
a) Long Black
b) Macchiato
c) Flat White
d) Piccolo Latte
Answer: Answer: b) Macchiato



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