Australian Culture MCQs

Australian Cultural Trademarks MCQs with Answer

What iconic Australian monument is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Northern Territory?
a) Sydney Opera House
b) Great Barrier Reef
c) Uluru (Ayers Rock)
d) Twelve Apostles Answer: c) Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Which Australian bird is known for its distinctive laughing call and is often depicted in Aboriginal art?
a) Kookaburra
b) Cockatoo
c) Emu
d) Galah Answer: a) Kookaburra

What popular Australian spread is made from yeast extract and is commonly eaten on toast?
a) Vegemite
b) Peanut Butter
c) Nutella
d) Marmite Answer: a) Vegemite

Which iconic Australian beach is famous for its golden sands and surfing culture?
a) Bondi Beach
b) Whitehaven Beach
c) Surfers Paradise
d) Manly Beach Answer: a) Bondi Beach

What Aboriginal instrument is traditionally made from eucalyptus wood and produces a haunting sound?
a) Didgeridoo
b) Boomerang
c) Bullroarer
d) Clapsticks Answer: a) Didgeridoo

Which Australian animal is a symbol of the country and features on the Australian coat of arms?
a) Kangaroo
b) Koala
c) Wombat
d) Tasmanian Devil Answer: a) Kangaroo

What traditional Australian food is a savory pie filled with minced meat?
a) Lamington
b) Anzac biscuit
c) Pavlova
d) Meat pie Answer: d) Meat pie

Which Australian city is renowned for its annual Vivid Sydney festival, showcasing light, music, and ideas?
a) Melbourne
b) Brisbane
c) Perth
d) Sydney Answer: d) Sydney

What Aboriginal art form involves intricate dot painting often depicting Dreamtime stories?
a) Boomerang painting
b) Bark painting
c) Sand painting
d) Dot painting Answer: d) Dot painting

What Australian mountain range is famous for its rock formations known as the Three Sisters?
a) Blue Mountains
b) Snowy Mountains
c) Grampians
d) Flinders Ranges Answer: a) Blue Mountains

What is the national flower of Australia?
a) Waratah
b) Kangaroo Paw
c) Golden Wattle
d) Sturt’s Desert Pea Answer: c) Golden Wattle

Which iconic Australian TV soap opera has gained a cult following worldwide since its inception in 1985?
a) Neighbours
b) Home and Away
c) Blue Heelers
d) Wentworth Answer: b) Home and Away

What is the traditional Aboriginal term for gathering and sharing food?
a) Corroboree
b) Tidda
c) Bush tucker
d) Mateship Answer: c) Bush tucker

Which Australian landmark is a coral reef system known for its stunning biodiversity?
a) Fraser Island
b) Great Ocean Road
c) Great Barrier Reef
d) Ningaloo Reef Answer: c) Great Barrier Reef

What famous Australian horse race takes place on the first Tuesday of November each year?
a) Melbourne Cup
b) Cox Plate
c) Golden Slipper
d) Caulfield Cup Answer: a) Melbourne Cup

Which indigenous Australian language is known for its clicks and is spoken in parts of the Northern Territory?
a) Pitjantjatjara
b) Yolngu Matha
c) Kriol
d) Warlpiri Answer: b) Yolngu Matha

What is the traditional Aboriginal term for a meeting or gathering?
a) Walkabout
b) Corroboree
c) Bunya
d) Muster Answer: b) Corroboree

Which Australian beer brand is famous for its slogan “Australians all let us rejoice?
a) Victoria Bitter (VB)
b) Foster’s Lager
c) XXXX Gold
d) Tooheys New Answer: a) Victoria Bitter (VB)

What Australian reptile is known for its blue tongue and can often be found in urban areas?
a) Green Tree Python
b) Eastern Blue-tongued Lizard
c) Frilled-neck Lizard
d) Goanna Answer: b) Eastern Blue-tongued Lizard

What famous Australian rock band is known for hits like “Back in Black” and “Highway to Hell”?
b) Midnight Oil
c) AC/DC
d) Men at Work Answer: c) AC/DC

Which Australian state is known as the “Sunshine State”?
a) Queensland
b) New South Wales
c) Victoria
d) Western Australia Answer: a) Queensland

What Aboriginal term refers to a long journey on foot, typically undertaken by Indigenous Australians?
a) Walkabout
b) Dreamtime
c) Songline
d) Bushwalk Answer: a) Walkabout

Which Australian city is famous for its laneways filled with street art and vibrant culture?
a) Adelaide
b) Melbourne
c) Canberra
d) Hobart Answer: b) Melbourne

What iconic Australian reptile is one of the world’s largest lizards and is native to Northern Australia?
a) Frilled-neck Lizard
b) Goanna
c) Blue-tongued Lizard
d) Saltwater Crocodile Answer: d) Saltwater Crocodile

What Australian dessert is a sponge cake coated in chocolate and desiccated coconut?
a) Pavlova
b) Fairy Bread
c) Lamington
d) Anzac biscuit Answer: c) Lamington

Which famous Australian swimmer won a total of 5 Olympic gold medals in the 2000 and 2004 Olympics?
a) Ian Thorpe
b) Grant Hackett
c) Michael Klim
d) Kieren Perkins Answer: a) Ian Thorpe

What indigenous Australian musical instrument is a percussion instrument traditionally made from wood?
a) Didgeridoo
b) Bullroarer
c) Clapsticks
d) Gumleaf Answer: c) Clapsticks

Which Australian female tennis player won 24 Grand Slam singles titles during her career?
a) Samantha Stosur
b) Evonne Goolagong Cawley
c) Margaret Court
d) Ashleigh Barty Answer: c) Margaret Court

What is the traditional Australian Aboriginal greeting that means “hello” or “goodbye”?
a) G’day
b) Mate
c) Crikey
d) Howzit Answer: a) G’day

Which iconic Australian animal is known for its pouch and hopping locomotion?
a) Koala
b) Kangaroo
c) Wombat
d) Tasmanian Devil Answer: b) Kangaroo

What Australian territory is famous for its large red sand dunes and is home to the largest population of wild camels?
a) Australian Capital Territory
b) Northern Territory
c) South Australia
d) Western Australia Answer: b) Northern Territory

Which Australian state is home to the famous wine region known as the Barossa Valley?
a) Western Australia
b) South Australia
c) Victoria
d) New South Wales Answer: b) South Australia

What Australian marsupial is known for its distinctive backward-facing pouch?
a) Koala
b) Kangaroo
c) Wombat
d) Tasmanian Devil Answer: c) Wombat

Which famous Australian landmark is a monolithic rock formation in the Northern Territory?
a) Sydney Harbour Bridge
b) Twelve Apostles
c) Uluru (Ayers Rock)
d) Great Ocean Road Answer: c) Uluru (Ayers Rock)

What is the traditional Australian bushman’s hat made from cork slats dangling around the brim?
a) Fedora
b) Akubra
c) Stetson
d) Sombrero Answer: b) Akubra

Which Australian actress won an Academy Award for her role in the movie “The Hours”?
a) Cate Blanchett
b) Nicole Kidman
c) Naomi Watts
d) Margot Robbie Answer: b) Nicole Kidman

What traditional Aboriginal term refers to a song or story that recounts the Dreamtime?
a) Tidda
b) Songline
c) Dreaming
d) Corroboree Answer: c) Dreaming

Which Australian animal is known for its distinctive, piercing call often heard at night?
a) Koala
b) Possum
c) Kookaburra
d) Tasmanian Devil Answer: c) Kookaburra

What traditional Australian method of cooking involves food wrapped in leaves placed on hot coals?
a) Barbecue
b) Grilling
c) Steaming
d) Pit baking Answer: d) Pit baking

Which Australian Prime Minister served the longest continuous term in office from 1949 to 1966?
a) Gough Whitlam
b) Robert Menzies
c) John Howard
d) Paul Keating Answer: b) Robert Menzies

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