Australian Culture MCQs

Australian Cultural Symbols MCQs with Answer

Which Australian animal is featured on the country’s official coat of arms?

A) Kangaroo
B) Koala
C) Emu
D) Wombat
Answer: A) Kangaroo
What iconic rock formation is situated in the Northern Territory of Australia?

A) Uluru
B) Ayers Rock
C) Mount Kosciuszko
D) The Olgas
Answer: A) Uluru
Which Australian city is renowned for its annual Mardi Gras parade celebrating LGBTQIA+ culture?

A) Melbourne
B) Sydney
C) Brisbane
D) Perth
Answer: B) Sydney
What is the Aboriginal term for the boomerang?

A) Kookaburra
B) Yabby
C) Bilby
D) Karli
Answer: D) Karli
Which Australian landmark is a natural wonder composed of limestone stacks?

A) The Great Ocean Road
B) The Twelve Apostles
C) Bondi Beach
D) Fraser Island
Answer: B) The Twelve Apostles
What is the traditional name for the Aboriginal dot paintings?

A) Tjukurpa
B) Dreamtime art
C) Papunya art
D) Wandjina art
Answer: C) Papunya art
Which Australian state is known for the wine region of Barossa Valley?

A) New South Wales
B) Victoria
C) Queensland
D) South Australia
Answer: D) South Australia
What is the iconic hat associated with Australian ranchers and outback workers called?

A) Fedora
B) Akubra
C) Slouch hat
D) Bush hat
Answer: B) Akubra
Which Australian marsupial is known for its leaping ability and is featured on the national airline’s logo?

A) Wallaby
B) Tasmanian Devil
C) Quokka
D) Sugar Glider
Answer: A) Wallaby
What Australian instrument is played by blowing air through a series of tubes of varying lengths?

A) Didgeridoo
B) Bullroarer
C) Clapsticks
D) Gumleaf
Answer: A) Didgeridoo
Which flower is the floral emblem of Australia?

A) Waratah
B) Kangaroo Paw
C) Golden Wattle
D) Sturt’s Desert Pea
Answer: C) Golden Wattle
What indigenous practice involves throwing a returning wooden hunting instrument?

A) Bullroarer
B) Boomerang
C) Nulla Nulla
D) Coolamon
Answer: B) Boomerang
Which Australian sport involves competing on horseback to move a ball through goalposts?

A) Rugby
B) Polo
C) Cricket
D) Australian Rules Football
Answer: B) Polo
What is the traditional instrument played by rubbing a stick against a notched stick or piece of wood?

A) Didgeridoo
B) Bullroarer
C) Clapsticks
D) Gumleaf
Answer: C) Clapsticks
Which indigenous Australian people are known for their iconic rock art in Kakadu National Park?

A) Arrernte
B) Yolngu
C) Anangu
D) Bininj/Mungguy
Answer: D) Bininj/Mungguy
What unique animal is used as a mascot by the Australian national rugby league team?

A) Koala
B) Tasmanian Devil
C) Wallaby
D) Kangaroo
Answer: D) Kangaroo
Which Australian city hosts the annual Australian Open tennis tournament?

A) Brisbane
B) Melbourne
C) Perth
D) Adelaide
Answer: B) Melbourne
What traditional Australian dish consists of minced meat encased in pastry?

A) Pavlova
B) Vegemite on toast
C) Meat pie
D) Lamington
Answer: C) Meat pie
What is the name of the famous Australian bird with a distinctive laughing call?

A) Kookaburra
B) Cockatoo
C) Emu
D) Lorikeet
Answer: A) Kookaburra
What indigenous celebration marks the arrival of the wet season in northern Australia?

A) Corroboree
B) Dreamtime festival
C) Sorry Day
D) Garma Festival
Answer: A) Corroboree
Which city is famous for its annual Vivid Sydney festival, featuring light installations and music?

A) Melbourne
B) Brisbane
C) Sydney
D) Perth
Answer: C) Sydney
What is the name of the mythical creature from Aboriginal mythology that is said to inhabit waterholes?

A) Bunyip
B) Yowie
C) Drop bear
D) Min Min light
Answer: A) Bunyip
Which Australian state is famous for its pink lakes, such as Lake Hillier?

A) Western Australia
B) Queensland
C) New South Wales
D) Tasmania
Answer: A) Western Australia
What traditional Aboriginal instrument is a flat piece of wood that’s struck with a smaller stick?

A) Didgeridoo
B) Bullroarer
C) Clapsticks
D) Gumleaf
Answer: C) Clapsticks
Which Australian state is home to the famous Great Barrier Reef?

A) Queensland
B) New South Wales
C) Victoria
D) South Australia
Answer: A) Queensland
What is the traditional form of Aboriginal gathering and storytelling?

A) Sorry Day
B) Garma Festival
C) Dreamtime
D) Corroboree
Answer: C) Dreamtime
Which Australian state is renowned for its Blue Mountains?

A) Queensland
B) Tasmania
C) New South Wales
D) Victoria
Answer: C) New South Wales
What is the term used for a temporary shelter made by the Aboriginal people using bark and branches?

A) Humpy
B) Swag
C) Yurt
D) Igloo
Answer: A) Humpy
Which Australian animal is known for its unique backward-facing pouch?

A) Tasmanian Devil
B) Kangaroo
C) Wombat
D) Koala
Answer: C) Wombat
Which Australian city is famous for its annual Fringe Festival, showcasing various art forms?

A) Adelaide
B) Canberra
C) Hobart
D) Darwin
Answer: A) Adelaide
What indigenous celebration is dedicated to acknowledging and expressing regret for the mistreatment of Australia’s indigenous population?

B) Sorry Day
C) Invasion Day
D) Mabo Day
Answer: B) Sorry Day
Which Australian reptile is known for its distinctive blue tongue?

A) Goanna
B) Frilled-neck lizard
C) Blue-tongue lizard
D) Eastern Water Dragon
Answer: C) Blue-tongue lizard
What is the name of the national broadcaster of Australia?

A) ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
B) SBS (Special Broadcasting Service)
C) Channel 7
D) Network 10
Answer: A) ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Which iconic Australian landmark is situated in the Tasman Sea and attracts numerous seabirds?

A) Great Ocean Road
B) Fraser Island
C) Sydney Harbour Bridge
D) Lord Howe Island
Answer: D) Lord Howe Island
What indigenous Australian practice involves creating designs on the body using natural pigments?

A) Didgeridoo painting
B) Corroboree art
C) Dot painting
D) Body painting
Answer: D) Body painting
Which Australian animal is often referred to as a “bear” despite not being related to bears?

A) Koala
B) Wombat
C) Tasmanian Devil
D) Quokka
Answer: A) Koala
What is the traditional Aboriginal method of cooking food underground using hot coals and leaves?

A) Bush tucker
B) Billy tea
C) Earth oven (or Mihirung)
D) Smoke ceremony
Answer: C) Earth oven (or Mihirung)
Which Australian bird species is known for imitating sounds from its environment?

A) Cockatoo
B) Kookaburra
C) Emu
D) Lyrebird
Answer: D) Lyrebird
What is the traditional Aboriginal art form that uses songs, stories, and dance to pass down knowledge?

A) Dreamtime storytelling
B) Corroboree
C) Didgeridoo performances
D) Yidaki ceremonies
Answer: B) Corroboree
Which iconic Australian animal is featured on the country’s one-dollar coin?

A) Kangaroo
B) Koala
C) Platypus
D) Emu
Answer: A) Kangaroo

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