Australian History MCQs

Australian Convict Life MCQs with Answer

What was the typical duration of a convict’s sentence transported to Australia?
a) 5 years
b) 10 years
c) 7 years
d) 15 years
Answer: c) 7 years

Which British monarch’s reign saw the beginning of transportation of convicts to Australia?
a) Queen Victoria
b) King George III
c) King Henry VIII
d) King George IV
Answer: b) King George III

What was the main purpose of sending convicts to Australia?
a) Labor shortage
b) Punishment
c) Colonization
d) Exploration
Answer: a) Labor shortage

What was the name of the first fleet that arrived in Botany Bay, Australia, in 1788?
a) Expeditionary Fleet
b) Settlement Fleet
c) First Fleet
d) Convict Fleet
Answer: c) First Fleet

Which colony served as the primary destination for convicts in Australia during the transportation era?
a) New South Wales
b) South Australia
c) Western Australia
d) Tasmania
Answer: a) New South Wales

What percentage of convicts transported to Australia were male?
a) 60%
b) 75%
c) 85%
d) 90%
Answer: c) 85%

What was the punishment for convicts who committed serious crimes after arriving in Australia?
a) Flogging
b) Hard labor
c) Death penalty
d) Isolation
Answer: c) Death penalty

Which famous landmark served as a notorious convict prison in Tasmania?
a) Sydney Opera House
b) Port Arthur
c) Ayers Rock (Uluru)
d) Great Barrier Reef
Answer: b) Port Arthur

What was the term used for individuals who supervised convicts in Australia?
a) Officers
b) Supervisors
c) Overseers
d) Governors
Answer: c) Overseers

What type of work were most male convicts assigned to upon arrival in Australia?
a) Agriculture
b) Construction
c) Mining
d) Fishing
Answer: a) Agriculture

What was the name given to convicts who had served their sentences in Australia?
a) Free settlers
b) Ex-convicts
c) Emancipated
d) Expatriates
Answer: b) Ex-convicts

Which transportation ship had the highest death rate among convicts during the voyage to Australia?
a) HMS Sirius
b) Charlotte
c) Scarborough
d) Lady Juliana
Answer: d) Lady Juliana

What was the primary form of punishment for convicts on the penal colonies?
a) Banishment
b) Solitary confinement
c) Corporal punishment
d) Exile
Answer: c) Corporal punishment

What year did the transportation of convicts to Australia officially end?
a) 1810
b) 1856
c) 1901
d) 1788
Answer: b) 1856

What was the name of the document that allowed a convict to work for a master after serving a sentence in Australia?
a) Pardon
b) Certificate of Freedom
c) Exoneration Letter
d) Release Pass
Answer: b) Certificate of Freedom

Which famous Australian city was initially established as a penal colony?
a) Melbourne
b) Adelaide
c) Brisbane
d) Hobart
Answer: d) Hobart

What was the average length of the journey for convicts transported from England to Australia?
a) 6 months
b) 8 months
c) 10 months
d) 12 months
Answer: b) 8 months

Who was responsible for managing the transportation of convicts to Australia?
a) Colonial Governors
b) Admiralty Courts
c) British Army
d) Home Office
Answer: d) Home Office

What was the name given to female convicts transported to Australia?
a) Sisters
b) Ladies of the Night
c) Matrons
d) Female Factory Women
Answer: d) Female Factory Women

What was the main occupation of many female convicts in Australia?
a) Domestic service
b) Farming
c) Teaching
d) Craftsmanship
Answer: a) Domestic service

Which Australian state was formerly known as Van Diemen’s Land, a notorious convict settlement?
a) Queensland
b) Victoria
c) New South Wales
d) Tasmania
Answer: d) Tasmania

What was the system called where convicts were assigned to work for private individuals?
a) Convict Leasing
b) Convict Assignment
c) Indentured Servitude
d) Convict Apprenticeship
Answer: b) Convict Assignment

Which famous outlaw spent time as a convict in Australia before becoming a legendary figure?
a) Ned Kelly
b) Jesse James
c) Billy the Kid
d) Butch Cassidy
Answer: a) Ned Kelly

What percentage of convicts transported to Australia were illiterate?
a) 25%
b) 50%
c) 75%
d) 90%
Answer: d) 90%

Which shipwreck disaster led to the loss of a large number of convicts and crew in 1797?
a) HMS Bounty
b) HMS Sirius
c) HMS Endeavour
d) HMS Swift
Answer: b) HMS Sirius

What was the term used for escaped convicts living in the Australian wilderness?
a) Bushrangers
b) Outlaws
c) Runaways
d) Escapists
Answer: a) Bushrangers

Which group of convicts was considered the lowest social class in the Australian penal colonies?
a) Repeat offenders
b) Political prisoners
c) Juvenile convicts
d) Irish convicts
Answer: d) Irish convicts

What was the term for a female convict who was assigned to work for a government official in Australia?
a) Lady’s Maid
b) Governess
c) Assigned Servant
d) Lady in Waiting
Answer: c) Assigned Servant

What was the punishment for convicts caught attempting to escape from the penal colonies?
a) Extended sentence
b) Flogging
c) Isolation
d) Death penalty
Answer: b) Flogging

What was the name given to the system of authority among convicts, where a leader was chosen by fellow prisoners?
a) Convict Council
b) Jailhouse Hierarchy
c) Chain of Command
d) Pecking Order
Answer: a) Convict Council

What percentage of convicts transported to Australia were women?
a) 10%
b) 15%
c) 20%
d) 25%
Answer: b) 15%

Which convict-built structure in Australia is known as “the Tench?
a) Sydney Harbour Bridge
b) Fremantle Prison
c) Hyde Park Barracks
d) Old Melbourne Gaol
Answer: b) Fremantle Prison

What was the term used for convict women who were pregnant during transportation to Australia?
a) Expectant Mothers
b) Transported Maternity
c) Bound Mothers
d) Convict Mothers-to-be
Answer: c) Bound Mothers

Which famous author was sentenced to transportation but later pardoned and did not actually serve the sentence?
a) Charles Dickens
b) William Shakespeare
c) Daniel Defoe
d) Oscar Wilde
Answer: a) Charles Dickens

What was the primary purpose of the Female Factories in Australia during the convict era?
a) Punishment of female convicts
b) Industrial production
c) Maternal care for convict women
d) Educational facilities for female convicts
Answer: c) Maternal care for convict women

What was the term for a convict who had earned privileges or improved their status in the colony?
a) Improved Offender
b) Reformed Convict
c) Privileged Criminal
d) Ticket-of-Leave Holder
Answer: d) Ticket-of-Leave Holder

Which convict-built road in Australia is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site?
a) Hume Highway
b) Great Ocean Road
c) Convict Trail
d) Old Convict Road
Answer: b) Great Ocean Road

What was the term for the extra work done by convicts in their spare time to earn money?
a) Overtime Labor
b) Moonlighting
c) Supplementary Work
d) Task Labor
Answer: b) Moonlighting

Which famous pirate was sentenced to transportation to Australia but was reportedly killed before being transported?
a) Blackbeard
b) Anne Bonny
c) Calico Jack
d) Captain Kidd
Answer: d) Captain Kidd

What was the term for the group of people who supported the continuation of convict transportation to Australia?
a) Transportation Advocates
b) Convict Colonizers
c) Exile Supporters
d) Emigrationists
Answer: d) Emigrationists

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