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American Comedy Movies MCQs with Answer

What comedy film follows the misadventures of two dim-witted friends on a cross-country road trip?
a) Dumb and Dumber
b) Step Brothers
c) Superbad
d) Anchorman
Answer: a) Dumb and Dumber

Which film features Will Ferrell as a man raised by elves who ventures to New York City in search of his real father?
a) The Hangover
b) Elf
c) Talladega Nights
d) Old School
Answer: b) Elf

In which movie does Steve Carell play a 40-year-old man who has never had any romantic experiences?
a) The 40-Year-Old Virgin
b) Bridesmaids
c) Knocked Up
d) Role Models
Answer: a) The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Which comedy film is about a group of friends who try to save their favorite bar from being shut down?
a) Wedding Crashers
b) The World’s End
c) Old School
d) Horrible Bosses
Answer: c) Old School

Which film revolves around a woman who becomes an overnight sensation as a stand-up comic?
a) Trainwreck
b) Bridesmaids
c) The Heat
d) The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
Answer: d) The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

What comedy movie features a man who gains the ability to time travel and tries to win the heart of his best friend?
a) Hot Tub Time Machine
b) 17 Again
c) About Time
d) Click
Answer: c) About Time

Which film stars Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as two sisters who throw a massive house party in their childhood home?
a) Bad Moms
b) Sisters
c) Booksmart
d) Neighbors
Answer: b) Sisters

In this movie, a group of actors go to great lengths to maintain their authenticity while making a war film.
a) Tropic Thunder
b) Pineapple Express
c) This Is the End
d) Get Him to the Greek
Answer: a) Tropic Thunder

Which comedy film is about a weatherman who gets trapped in a time loop, reliving the same day over and over again?
a) Groundhog Day
b) Yes Man
c) Click
d) Bruce Almighty
Answer: a) Groundhog Day

What comedy movie follows a group of friends who reunite after many years to complete the ultimate pub crawl?
a) The Hangover
b) Shaun of the Dead
c) The World’s End
d) Superbad
Answer: c) The World’s End

In this film, a guy and a girl try to stay platonic friends but eventually fall for each other.
a) Friends with Benefits
b) Just Friends
c) No Strings Attached
d) The Ugly Truth
Answer: a) Friends with Benefits

Which movie stars Melissa McCarthy as an unconventional undercover CIA agent?
a) Spy
b) Identity Thief
c) The Heat
d) Tammy
Answer: a) Spy

What comedy film tells the story of a man who must take care of his three young children after his wife unexpectedly leaves him?
a) Daddy Day Care
b) Mrs. Doubtfire
c) Three Men and a Baby
d) Mr. Mom
Answer: d) Mr. Mom

In this movie, a slacker must repeat high school to pass a crucial exam and inherit his father’s fortune.
a) Billy Madison
b) Old School
c) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
d) Animal House
Answer: a) Billy Madison

Which comedy film features a man who accidentally swaps bodies with his teenage daughter?
a) 13 Going on 30
b) Freaky Friday
c) Big
d) The Change-Up
Answer: b) Freaky Friday

What movie centers around a detective and his new partner, a talking bear?
a) Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
b) Ted
c) Paul
d) The Other Guys
Answer: b) Ted

In this comedy film, a woman discovers her mother’s wild past through a series of letters.
a) The Proposal
b) Mamma Mia!
c) Letters to Juliet
d) The Princess Diaries
Answer: b) Mamma Mia!

Which movie is about a high school student who becomes a successful escort?
a) Easy A
b) The To Do List
c) American Pie
d) Superbad
Answer: a) Easy A

What comedy film revolves around a TV weatherman reporting from a small town during the annual Groundhog Day event?
a) Happy Gilmore
b) Groundhog Day
c) Click
d) Ghostbusters
Answer: b) Groundhog Day

In this movie, a man travels back in time to meet his future wife and alter their history together.
a) Kate & Leopold
b) The Time Traveler’s Wife
c) Safety Not Guaranteed
d) Midnight in Paris
Answer: c) Safety Not Guaranteed

Which comedy film features a group of friends who attend a Las Vegas bachelor party that goes hilariously wrong?
a) The Hangover
b) Bridesmaids
c) Superbad
d) Wedding Crashers
Answer: a) The Hangover

In this film, two bored, wealthy brothers wager on whether a man can successfully start a relationship with a woman without using his wealth or connections.
a) Trading Places
b) Coming to America
c) Boomerang
d) Hitch
Answer: a) Trading Places

Which movie follows the misadventures of a slacker who works at a fast-food restaurant and dreams of becoming a rock star?
a) Wayne’s World
b) Airheads
c) Superstar
d) School of Rock
Answer: b) Airheads

What comedy film centers around a man who discovers that his neighbor is a former spy?
a) Get Smart
b) The Other Guys
c) Central Intelligence
d) Johnny English
Answer: a) Get Smart

In this movie, a lawyer makes a deal with the devil to win a high-profile case but realizes the consequences are more than he bargained for.
a) The Mask
b) Liar Liar
c) Bedazzled
d) Bruce Almighty
Answer: c) Bedazzled

Which comedy film tells the story of a teenager who accidentally becomes a successful ice hockey player?
a) Goon
b) The Mighty Ducks
c) Blades of Glory
d) Slap Shot
Answer: b) The Mighty Ducks

What movie features a struggling songwriter who wakes up one day and realizes he’s the only person who remembers The Beatles?
a) Yesterday
b) Rocketman
c) Bohemian Rhapsody
d) Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
Answer: a) Yesterday

In this comedy film, a teenager’s plans to have a quiet summer are ruined when his family decides to have an eventful “staycation.”
a) RV
b) National Lampoon’s Vacation
c) The Great Outdoors
d) Home Alone
Answer: a) RV

Which film is about a woman who becomes a professional wrestler to earn money for her family?
a) GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling
b) Fighting with My Family
c) Bend It Like Beckham
d) A League of Their Own
Answer: b) Fighting with My Family

What comedy movie features a high school slacker who pretends to be sick to skip school?
a) The Breakfast Club
b) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
c) Sixteen Candles
d) Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Answer: b) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

In this movie, a woman decides to create her own reality after a series of unfortunate events in her love life.
a) My Big Fat Greek Wedding
b) 27 Dresses
c) Runaway Bride
d) Under the Tuscan Sun
Answer: d) Under the Tuscan Sun

Which comedy film follows two friends who start a ghost-catching business in New York City?
a) Ghostbusters
b) Men in Black
c) Evolution
d) The Frighteners
Answer: a) Ghostbusters

What movie features a father who decides to coach his son’s soccer team despite having no experience in the sport?
a) The Bad News Bears
b) Kicking & Screaming
c) The Mighty Ducks
d) Bend It Like Beckham
Answer: b) Kicking & Screaming

In this comedy film, a woman hires a man to pose as her fiancé during a family gathering.
a) The Wedding Singer
b) Made of Honor
c) Meet the Parents
d) The Proposal
Answer: d) The Proposal

Which movie features a fast-talking, wise-cracking detective who takes on a missing persons case in Beverly Hills?
a) Beverly Hills Cop
b) The Pink Panther
c) Lethal Weapon
d) Rush Hour
Answer: a) Beverly Hills Cop

What comedy film is about a man who gains the ability to see and hear women’s inner thoughts?
a) What Women Want
b) Just Like Heaven
c) 13 Going on 30
d) Sweet Home Alabama
Answer: a) What Women Want

In this movie, a group of employees plan to get revenge on their awful bosses.
a) Office Space
b) Horrible Bosses
c) The Devil Wears Prada
d) The Intern
Answer: b) Horrible Bosses

Which comedy film features a wealthy man who becomes homeless as part of a bet?
a) Trading Places
b) Brewster’s Millions
c) The Jerk
d) Richie Rich
Answer: c) The Jerk

What movie follows two competitive ice skaters who are banned from singles competition and decide to skate as a pair?
a) Blades of Glory
b) Ice Princess
c) The Cutting Edge
d) The Mighty Ducks
Answer: a) Blades of Glory

In this comedy film, a man and his family go on a disastrous vacation to Walley World amusement park.
a) RV
b) National Lampoon’s Vacation
c) We’re the Millers
d) Vacation
Answer: b) National Lampoon’s Vacation

Which movie features a struggling stand-up comedian who forms an unlikely friendship with a terminally ill patient?
a) Funny People
b) Patch Adams
c) Man on the Moon
d) Punch-Drunk Love
Answer: a) Funny People

In this film, a couple struggles to survive after their vacation rental goes terribly wrong.
a) Vacation
b) The Cabin in the Woods
c) The Hangover
d) The Purge
Answer: b) The Cabin in the Woods

What comedy movie follows the lives of two friends who start a club where members fight each other for fun?
a) Project X
b) Superbad
c) Fight Club
d) This Is the End
Answer: c) Fight Club

Which film features a young boy who accidentally makes his action figures come to life?
a) Small Soldiers
b) Toy Story
c) The Indian in the Cupboard
d) Jumanji
Answer: c) The Indian in the Cupboard

In this comedy movie, a high school student’s day gets stuck on a loop, and he must solve the mystery to break free.
a) 17 Again
b) Edge of Tomorrow
c) Happy Death Day
d) Groundhog Day
Answer: c) Happy Death Day

What comedy film is about two overworked assistants who conspire to set up their demanding bosses?
a) The Devil Wears Prada
b) Working Girl
c) 9 to 5
d) The Intern
Answer: a) The Devil Wears Prada

In this movie, a man and his friends attend a college reunion, but things quickly spiral out of control.
a) Old School
b) Animal House
c) Neighbors
d) Superbad
Answer: a) Old School

Which comedy film follows the lives of a group of women who form a book club and find inspiration in reading “Fifty Shades of Grey”?
a) Bad Moms
b) Book Club
c) Wine Country
d) The First Wives Club
Answer: b) Book Club

In this movie, two friends pose as police officers, leading to a series of comical misunderstandings.
a) 21 Jump Street
b) Superbad
c) Let’s Be Cops
d) Neighbors
Answer: c) Let’s Be Cops

What comedy film revolves around a TV weatherman who must relive the same day repeatedly until he learns the true meaning of love and selflessness?
a) About Time
b) Click
c) Groundhog Day
d) Happy Death Day
Answer: c) Groundhog Day

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